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Bad Game

Patch notes are incomplete and often misleading.

There are many stealth patches often taking place on live servers. When the player base catches a stealth patch (often a nerf) the devs respond with 'oh that was a bug' then they will reduce the size of the nerf but not return it to it's original level (for instance most recently Healing, which needed a boost anyway, was reduced by 50% then raised to a 30% reduction. When tanks with STR builds are sporting 6kHP and heals where orignally 600, reduced to 300 and raised back to 400, the math does not add up). The message broadcast to players in game was that healing had been returned to previous levels when they had not.


The company is focused on high failure rates for everything from weapon/armor enhancement to Crafting and the Cash Shop is focused on items to reduce those failure rates. Failure rates have been a major reason people have quit the game and have logged complaints against the parent company (with other games of theirs) with the BBB.


Mount Progression, the system to get your dragon in the end, is frought with high failure rates and the Dragon Scroll in an ultra rare drop whose success rate is too low to gauge as of yet (single digit %).


Crafting is based on lower level crafted items being combined with higher level crafted items and then still higher level items. Failure rate over L4 Crafting is high (~80% failure) and even though it is not yet instituted in the game there is a slot for a failure-rate reduction item in the crafting interface. Higher level skill in crafting does not reduce failure rates.


The game is often crashy with many people experiancing crashes is the same zones and same general location of those zones, yet the devs respond to these bug reports by telling customers the problem is with their clients and they should uninstall, redownload, and reinstall the entire game, which takes several hours and does not resolve the issues.


In fact one Sunday morning the Log-in server crashed for both the website forums and the game and it wasn't until a volunteer forum moderator (who stays logged into the forums 24/7) woke up and transfered some tech advice from a player (who also stays logged into the forums 24/7) that the issue was resolved.



Crafting is broken

Staff is useless and often dishonest with the customers

Dragons are more populas in mythology than in the game

High failure rates are only to get people to pay real money in their cash shop

Yet another promissing game ruined by a greedy company. Too bad really.

Rating: 1 for unrelized potential.

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