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LF MMOs that don't use 40 buttons

syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378

I'm tired of MMOs that expect players to keep track of 40 or so skills, buffs, items, spells, and attacks.  My keyboard only has 102 keys and they expect me to use half of them (after movement keys) with one hand.  There has to be a better way to make MMOs without making them seem too simplistic.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  The only thing I ask is to avoid suggesting games which use manga (anime)-style graphics.  Gigantic eyes and heads on teenage bodies creep me out.


The Secret World and Diablo 3 both look like they will satisfy my desire for a simpler MMO but I am looking for something to play right now.


  • DromedarrDromedarr Member Posts: 76

    Hello Kitty online? oh wait....




  • xDayxxDayx Member Posts: 712

    This game is in no way simpler, but it has less buttons.

    One mouse button is swing, and the other is block.

    And you have 1 bar (at this point to cast or use abilities) 1-10


  • zekeofevzekeofev Member UncommonPosts: 240

    MMOs are traditionally about gaining power and more buttons is one way of increasing power. WoW for instance gives more classes more abilities every xpac.


    I reccomend EvE and GW if you like PVP. I also recomend LoL even though it is not a MMORPG but it may be what you are looking for.


    EvEs abilities (or rather ship weapons/mods) are toggled then they auto fired. You manage on/off, you manage targeting and that is that.


    In GW there is around 100 skills per class but you have to choose to only have 8 on your bar. A couple skills have multiple clicks associated with them like a tp there tp back or a buff that you double click to trigger (such as holy veil). You get all the benefits of having 100 skills with none of the drawbacks imo(hard to optimize and control).


    GW2 will be similar.


    Diablo 3 will also feature 4 skills a left click a right click and a potion slot. 7 keys including mouse is pretty simple.



    Hope you find what you are looking for.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,089

    Champions Online requires few enough buttons as to work pretty well with a gamepad for most things.  You'll still need a keyboard to chat or use the auction house.

    Spiral Knights requires few enough buttons that using a gamepad for combat is actually a substantial advantage over keyboard+mouse.  And you don't need to double up on keys, either, and use combinations of keys for a lot of things.  You have four weapons, and need buttons to switch which is active.  You need buttons to move, one button to attack (with your active weapon), one button to shield, four buttons to use vials, and that's it.

  • syntax42syntax42 Member UncommonPosts: 1,378

    Originally posted by Dromedarr

    Hello Kitty online? oh wait....




    This one uses manga graphics...  and is beneath my maturity level.



    I have played Guild Wars.  I liked the PvE, but I ran out of things to do eventually.  I am looking more in the direction of free-to-play games because of the better upcoming games to look forward to.

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