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PvP probably coming to EQ2

BarryManilowBarryManilow Member UncommonPosts: 701
Quoted from a player on EQ2 forums. 


[quote]Some of the SOE team are doing a journey in Europe and were asked questions about PvP. Well, the answer is that they are working on something but they can't tell tell more. They can't say if this will be simple duels or a massive PvP (DAOC, WOW..). In fact they say it could be new concept of PvP ! Yeahhhhhhhhh: PvP for EQ2 !!!


There was also a question about Frogloks: Are they really in the game ? Response: Yes (with a smile). Can you really get them ? Response: Well nobody has (with a bigger smile). [quote]



If they do add PvP in EQ2, I hope its done right with some purpose instead of just mindless PvP.



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