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E-sim - anyone else play?

mpozmpoz Member UncommonPosts: 22

Recently I've started playing a browser game called E-sim.  It's not much to look as it is text based, but it sucks you in if you get into it.

It's very different to other games in that you don't build a town or army or anything like that.

You are basically a citizen in a 'real life' country.  You work in companies, train military and fight in wars.  If you really get into it, then you can own your own companies, write newspapers or even become the president of the country.

Anyway, if anyone decides to try it out via this link, then you will automatically 'friend' me in the game.  I'll be happy to help you out with additional goods or virtual money to get started.

Also note, this game is not pay to win, you cannot buy any virtual currency with real life money.  It's a refreshing change from so many other browser games out there.

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