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Refer a Friend 2.0 / Article about "Failing Better."

Oracle_FefeOracle_Fefe Member CommonPosts: 221

Well, League of Legends released a new Refer a Friend program. It works similar to the old one but with a bit of a change to the rewards. If a person you referred heads up to level 10 then the original account gets a reward.

Of course, I'm willing to put up my referral for myself in case someone here just decided to check out the game and haven't registered or is being genorous with a smurf account.

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Anywho. Throughout most of my games, I noticed a similar trend within people playing. Thats when if they lose they tend to put the blame on others or on various mechanics such as luck or "being OP". I feel that this article should give some insight on how a person should simply learn what they could've done differently.



Well, hope you enjoy the game, and the article.


  • AbysseAbysse Member Posts: 3


    Mine here[mod edit]

    All one gets from referring others is extra IP, but I desperately need it so be sure to use mine ;)

  • slayersteslayerste Member Posts: 1
    sign up for league of legends using this link and help me get lots of prizes:)

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