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Good Games?

anarchyisallanarchyisall Member Posts: 2

Hey, I'm getting bored, and was wodnering if there are any MMORPGs out there like EVE Online. Now, I don't mean having a high learning curve, being a non-free game, or in outerspace. What I'm asking for is a game where you can destroy another online player's faction, company, guild, etc. Preferably a fantasy game with job advancement too. Thanks


  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,115

    not sure, but check out Darkfall and Mortal Online.


  • anarchyisallanarchyisall Member Posts: 2

    Coould it also be a game with good graphics?

  • F5MinutesF5Minutes Member Posts: 59
    Perpatuum is basically an EVE clone, buut on land with mecs xD
    not sure about faction destroying and all that, i played it in beta and the yraphics were pretry ace, as to how far ut has come not... I cannot say

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