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  • athildurathildur Member Posts: 50

    Originally posted by Xzaro
    My system atm is:AMD Athlon XP 2000+
    GeForce3 Ti200
    1GB RAMDo you think replacing my GeForce3 Ti200 with a GeForce 6600GT would be a smart idea? ::::02::Any other video card that you think would be better WITHIN $210?I'll be broke after I buy it, then I'll have to save up till I can buy a new processor... ::::02::

    I've found a sapphire ATI x700 pro with 256mb - 8 parallel pixel pipelines - Full support for DirectX® 9.0,...
    for only 195 dollar. I gues it's just a matter of finding the right store. but a geforce 6600gt would certainly be sufficient, for now.

  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    New question: I want to use my TV as a PC monitor, for games/surfing/movies and whatnot. I found a vga-hdtv adapter, but it's only for ATI video cards, and I have a Geforce FX5700 Ultra. Some other adapters I found only allow up to less then 800x600 resolution. Then, I read somewhere that If you get a VGA-HDTV adapter, your TV doesn't have to be HD, it just allows for higher resolution.

    So... help.


  • zeus88zeus88 Member Posts: 58

    I may be wrong but using a tv for games produces horrible graphics, youll see the rest as clear as never before(especially dvds) but if you are into games and prefer to have the best picture possible it would be better to have a monitor

  • BalterBalter Member Posts: 1,015
    holy SHlT this could be the longest thread in the history of the mmorpg.com!!! like 300 pages!

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  • ValaraukValarauk Member Posts: 303

    Yeah :)


    I don't know why but I'm oddly proud for some reason that this thread is still around.

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  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    well it eliminates as many computer threads as possible..compressing them into one

    who knows, maybe one day it'll be a sticky image

    I mean, I don't know if anyone remembers what it was like before this thread started, but everyday we would have atleast two threads asking questions on computers..it was insane

  • BalterBalter Member Posts: 1,015

    let's keep this going.

    this is cool let's try to keep it going for as long as mmorpg is online, maybe we can break some kind of record, this already has to be longest thread in history of mmorpg.com  :)

    My build: Sapphire Radeon HD 4850, Asus P5GC-MX/1333 Motherboard, 4gb G.SKILL DDR2 667MHz RAM, Core 2 Duo e7200 CPU, 250gb Western Digital SATA Harddrive, Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit.

  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    Originally posted by zeus88
    I may be wrong but using a tv for games produces horrible graphics, youll see the rest as clear as never before(especially dvds) but if you are into games and prefer to have the best picture possible it would be better to have a monitor

    Well, it's more for movies, I just listed those other things. But for a second I'll assume I'm safe here: I want to watch movies that I only have on my computer on my TV, help.


  • GunnarflaxGunnarflax Member Posts: 12

    I need help from someone in sweden! i've been thinkin gabout to buy a computer that i can play all the new games with around the best graphics. first i looked at alienware, but the price was waaaaaay out of my league. Then i looked at the new dell xps and it looked pretty good for my type of gaming. bu then my friend told me that his brother had the ultimate computer, he played all the games at the best graphics, and he bought the parts for less than, well...i dont know how much the dollar is worth right now but i say around 900 dollar (9000 kr). i cant ask him of what i should buy for parts to build my own computer 'caus he doesnt live nearby and i dont actually got his phone number. so if it is any swedish folks out there who knows the good parts and the retailers, tell me image

  • methane47methane47 Member CommonPosts: 3,701

    What's the more reliable company RoseWil or eVGA?

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  • SatansDiscipleSatansDisciple Member Posts: 2,782

    I'm not from Sweden


    Still looking for help: Want to watch movies that I only have on my computer on my TV, needs to work with Geforce card, and allow decent resolution. I've looked myself, but only found one that works for ATI.


  • DarktaniaDarktania Member Posts: 805

      Hey Gunnarflax I just bought the Dell XPS with 2 megs of RAM and it's handling everything fine. I played EQ2 for a couple of months with no prob ... that is untill the game bored me to tears.



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  • XzaroXzaro Member UncommonPosts: 1,719

    Originally posted by Darktania
    Hey Gunnarflax I just bought the Dell XPS with 2 megs of RAM and it's handling everything fine. I played EQ2 for a couple of months with no prob ... that is untill the game bored me to tears.

    Dont be afraid of the Dark. Be afraid of what's in it.

    And what an awesome amount of RAM you've got there!::::39::


  • Crono1000Crono1000 Member Posts: 128
    ok i have a few decent connections but im sure most of you know better places to buy computers i have 1200$ give or take 100 to make a decent gaming computer tell me what you would do with it. sounds vague but oh well =P

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  • stone-seraphstone-seraph Member Posts: 376

    Originally posted by Darktania
    Hey Gunnarflax I just bought the Dell XPS with 2 megs of RAM and it's handling everything fine
    2 megs doesn't even run ms paint ::::20::

    Make of it what you will.

  • AtomicusAtomicus Member Posts: 202
    Whats the new recommended memory these days? i was thinking at least 1.5gigs because 1gig is starting to look like its not enough anymore.

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  • RabidWerWolfRabidWerWolf Member Posts: 571

    Actually 1gb for now is still a good amount of memory to recommend. It really depends on what one uses their computer for. When I build a system for someone or if someone asks how much memory they need for heavy video work, I recommend a minimum of 2gb.

    MS apparantly is reporting the minimum memory requirements for their 64bit o/s Longhorn will be 1gb, at least that was what was first reported and dun know if this has been changed, so I think when it is released you will begin to see 2gb becoming the standard so in a sense you are correct.


  • SerienSerien Member CommonPosts: 8,460

    Athlon 64 E3 Stepping


    PC enthusiasts and overclockers have been familiar with AMD's 90nm parts for a while now, as the lower end AMD processors have been using the 90nm-based Winchester core.  Currently, the top speed processor available with 90nm technology is the 3500+ processor and it has quickly become one of the top choices for overclockers.

    The next step in AMD's 90nm transition comes in the form of the Venice core and it will offer a couple of updated features as well as bring 90nm parts to the high end range, to the FX-55 and beyond.  There were early indications that the first 90nm revision from AMD wouldn't be able to scale soundly to the higher clock speeds of the FX parts and Opterons.  This is why the latest Opteron, the 252 running at 2.6 GHz, was put on hold until the Venice core was ready. 

    But the Venice core isn't going to be for the high end parts only. AMD is going to transition their CPUs to the E3 stepping of the K8 core as it brings a couple of important updates that the customer would want.

    New Features

    There are four new features and changes that come with the Venice core that I would call important to the end user.  First is the migration to 90nm process technology.  While this has been happening for some months now, Venice is really going to be the core that gets it done across the board for AMD's K8 line up.   

    This core also marks the introduction of SSE3 instructions into the AMD processor lineup as well.  Intel introduced SSE3 into their Prescott core processors as an add-on to the SSE2 instruction set.  While this is an important step for AMD from a house keeping perspective, the performance advantages are going to be pretty slim as not many applications are using SSE3 specific code.  Still, this keeps AMD ahead of Intel in instruction set support and is a good 'feather in the cap' of sorts.

    As with most new core releases from AMD, the Athlon 64 has gone though another memory controller upgrade that addresses at least one specific issue that has plagued the platform for a while.  Anyone who has tried to populate all four DIMM slots on an Athlon 64 motherboard with double sided DIMMs (most are) would find that the board might not work, and if it did, the memory timings would have to be relaxed for it to be stable.  In some cases, the memory frequency would drop to 333 MHz as well.  Obviously, that isn't the way many customers wanted to work, so the new Venice core is set to allow all four DIMM slots to be populated with nearly all memory and run at standard 1T latencies at DDR400.  Other minor improvements were made as well that should make the overall performance on the Venice core just slightly faster than the Winchester or Newcastle counterpart processors.

    Finally, the Venice core is introducing a new lower default voltage for the Athlon 64 processors in the form of 1.4v.  This should lower our power consumption, heat dissipation and also give that extra bit of room for overclockers to tweak the system.

    Transistor Counts and Die Sizes

    Adding in new instructions in the form of SSE3 and other minor changes affected the transistor count of the new Venice core processors.  And the move to 90nm affected the die sizes quite a bit too.  Here's a quick run down:

    • 1 MB L2 Athlon 64 Models
      • From 105 to 114 Million Transistors
      • From 193 mm^2 to 115 mm^2
    • 512 KB L2 Athlon 64 Models
      • From 68.5 to 76 Million Transistors
      • From 144 mm^2 to 84 mm^2

    The Athlon 64 3200+ Venice Core CPU

    Below we have some shots of the new Venice core 3200+ processor in all its glory.  Not much has changed but the processor ID code.  This model uses the 939-pin processor package as does the Newcastle core CPU we test it against. 



    For those of you that will be looking for Venice core processors soon, the indicator to note is the "BP" at the end of the top line of markings.

  • FitchFitch Member Posts: 92

    if your going to buy in pieces to build yourself the only 2 places you should be looking are newegg.com and ebay, if you want to buy it built Dell makes a nice puter.

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    image image image image

  • SaigonshakesSaigonshakes Member Posts: 937

    Sometime zipzoomfly.com has some nice deals too.

  • Cricket502Cricket502 Member Posts: 3

    I'm looking to be able to play America's Army, because I don't really see any mmorpgs out that I think I'd like.  Anyway, my computer is horrible, but it has some of the things I need to play the game, such as a cd driveimage.  The min req for a processor is 1.3 ghz, and the recommended is 2 ghz.  I'm not sure what mine is, but I'm willing to bet it isn't that good.  All my computer will tell me is that its a Pentium 2.  I also need a min of 256 mb of ram, a recommmended of 512 mb.  I have 64 mb.  Sad, I know.  I also need a "3-D graphics card with 64 MB memory and support for hardware transformation and lighting" and the recommended for that is a card with 128 mb.  I definately want to be near the recommended or above.  There's probably some other thigns I'd need to upgrade, but I think these would be the most expensive.  Would it even be worth it for me to upgrade this computer or should I wait until I get a new one?

  • vrtldavevrtldave Member Posts: 558

    if you still have a pentium 2 you are a dinousar, or your computer is at least.... I bet that your whole computer is that old to, meaning there really isnt any point in upgrading because no matter how much you will upgrade the computer will still suck(not trying to be mean but its the truth)... you have to go buy another computer or how most people on this site do is make their own. I advise using newegg.com, pricewatch.com, or just compUSA/Best Buy when there is one of those big sales and mail an rebate stuff(its rare but sometimes real gems shine through)... yea so chuck your old computer and get a new one, if you need help on how to get parts together or what type just ask I think everyone here would be more than happy to help...


  • LILLIPPA328LILLIPPA328 Member Posts: 331


    Excuse me...but who thinks we should lock this 293 page thread,and start a new one?lol....just think its gettin a little big...

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  • darquenbladedarquenblade Member Posts: 1,015

    I like this thread. It's pretty useful if you take the time to wade through ::::28::

    That said, I have a quickie question:

    In a few days I will be recieving a new video card for my gaming computer. Now while the physical installadtion part is not a problem for me, I don't really know what I need to do regarding the software side of installation, because my new card will be an ATI as apposed to Nvidia.

    Specifically, do i need to uninstall any software that my Nvidia card had on the system (specific drivers, etc.) before installing the Radeon?

    If I'm making this sound confusing, I'm sorry =). To put it simply, what would be the steps I need to take when installing the ATI card when a Nvidia is what I have been using?

    BTW, the cards in question:

    Old card: Geforce FX 5200 128mb
    New card: Radeon 9800 256mb

    Thanks =)

  • TroyDarkswrdTroyDarkswrd Member Posts: 21

    This is direct from the ATI Radion site
    This is exactaly how to uninstall and re-install your new 9800

    Follow these instructions exactally and your install will be flawless.

    To ensure successful installation of your ATI Graphics
    Accelerator card, you must uninstall the graphic drivers
    for the existing graphics card before removing it from
    your computer.
    To uninstall old graphics drivers
    With your current graphics card still in your computer:
    1 Close all applications that are currently running.
    2 Click Start, Settings, Control Panel and select
    Add/Remove Programs.
    3 Select your current graphic drivers and click
    4 *The Wizard will help you remove your current display
    5 The System should be restarted after the drivers have
    been removed.
    *If the previously installed graphics card has any
    additional software installed, they may also need to be
    removed at this point. (For example DVD Player,
    Multimedia applications, etc.)

    Installing a RADEON 9800 Series
    Connecting to the Hard Drive power connector
    Complete the instructions for removing the old video
    card and software found at Uninstalling Old Graphics
    Card Software on page 3.
    (For users living in countries that use the PAL Television
    standard see NTSC/PAL Support on page 10 of the user guide.)
    Use the supplied Power Extension Cable to connect the
    RADEON 9800 Series to the computer’s Hard Drive
    power connector.
    1 Locate the AGP slot, if necessary, removing the
    metal cover:
    • Align your ATI Graphics Accelerator card with the
    AGP slot.
    • Press it in firmly until the card is fully seated.
    2 Remove the power cable from the Hard Drive power
    3 Connect A of the Power Extension Cable to the
    RADEON 9800 Series power connector as shown. (The
    cable may already be connected to the graphics card.)
    4 Connect B to the power supply connector.
    5 Connect C to the Hard Drive power connector.

    when you get your ATI CARD go to this site and look up your
    9800 for photo and diagramed instructions and your driver up grades
    Good luck with your ATI card it is the only Graphic card manufacture I
    have never had a problem with . See link below


    This is exactaly how to uninstall and re install your new 9800

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