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Purple and Green Haze/Fog?

I was wondering if seeing purple smoke/fog/haze while around outside, and green smoke around the floor while in the Academy was a bug or something. The green smog just sort of stays around the floors and only appears in the academy it seems, but the purple stuff moves up to down and only appears outside (im at London I believe, just started out). They go away wtihin a couple of seconds though. It's just odd.


I downloaded the game from Gpotatoes site if it makes a difference. I wasn't sure if it mattered if I got it from there or Net Marbles site.

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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,119

    The only places off hand that I recall being notably foggy are the London docks and far inland on Pohnpei island.  Few players will ever see the latter.  And neither of those are green or purple fog.

    It might be a weird glitch.  Are your video drivers up to date?

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