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This site needs a better thread move policy

I understand the mods want to move things to a forum that is applicable.  This makes sense its not a bad thing.  But a thread just got moved on me to a forum  I didn't even know existed for a game that I had not heard of that had input from people actually working on the game.


That forum has 4 threads in it since it just got created.  The forum is not easily found since it is not even in the "games in development" section.


My concern is that good threads with developer input are getting lost/orphaned.  Instead they should be highlighted and developers should be engaged.


People put stuff in general for visibility, usually for new stuff or things where they want to reach out to people who do not normally visit the forums for their particular games.

A sub-forum is typically only visited by fans unless the game has alot of hype, then many people visit it for various reasons. 


I would suggest a few things:

1)  Don't be too quick to move a thread that has broad applicability even if the topics mostly deals with one game.

2) Give some way for normal fans and developers to post thread topics that are meant to reach across game boundaries. 

           -As an example many MMO fans do not realize that Asheron's Call had action-style combat implemented in an  open world more than a decade ago.  If I wanted to start a thread like as a sort of infomational that it would probably get moved to the AC forum where only hardcore AC fans visit.  The only way it would stay somewhere with high visibility like general is if I did a general comparison between AC major games realesed over the last decade and even then I have seen threads like this moved to the game specific forum thus destroying the point of making them.


In a nutshell there are too many sub forums to be moving things so much.  I come here for general knowledge and to get a good perusal of different games and what is going on.  I am starting to think I am missing alot of information I used to get and I simply can't go through every forum for every game.


  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,629

    I predict that this thread will be moved to the "site suggestions" forum.

    More seriously, I think that there is a real need to move some threads out of the Pub and into game-specific forums.  Otherwise, lots of game-specific threads would be created in the Pub, with the idea of advertising the game or whatever.  The trick is distinguishing between threads that are about game concepts and just use one particular game as an example, and threads that really are just about one particular game and not looking for comparisons to other games.

    Forum mods are people, too.  Sometimes they make mistakes.  The only way to make a thread move policy that doesn't involve any mod discretion that reasonable people might disagree with is to make a really stupid policy (e.g., move a thread to a game forum exactly if there is exactly one game mentioned in the title).  Once there was a thread in the hardware section of the forum with someone wanting advice on buying a new computer, with the idea that it should play SWTOR well.  Some mod moved that to some SWTOR subforum, as if to hide it from the hardware people.  I complained and the thread got moved back.

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