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[Litha] - PvPvE tight knit - eu times on Jagged Coast (US PVP)

samvenicesamvenice Member UncommonPosts: 104


Litha Guild is recruiting.

Who we are:

A mature (average 30 years old) small community of gamers who've been playing together (or against each other) since DAoC days, with an history of small-scale dedicated pvp that spans across almost 10 years.

We moved from game to game since then, we are quite passionate about our gaming hobby

We are EU based, but we always played on US servers in various games. Our playtimes are (about):

Mon-Fri - 15:00 -> 19.00 EST

Sat-Sun: everything is possible :D

Our playstyle is "always outnumbered, never (hopefully) outgunned": we charge bigger numbers and we try to make it count, we are used to be on the (reasonably) unfair side of the fight - that's how we like it.

We plan to run a solid, compact, friendly but seriously committed guild, helping each other. We are *not* interested in filling the roster with randoms, as we looking forward to battlegrounds implementation and PK-hunt, rather than griefing/zerging around for the sake of annoying others (that's just not cool :p ).


What type of player are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated, dedicated, mature (at least in their minds) gamers who:

1) play in our same hours;

2) have similar RL committments (jobs/careers/family) so they "understand" ^_^

3) are interested in developing their in-game character, play at their best, looking for continual improvement and TEAM PLAYERS, self-taught theorycrafters are quite welcome!

4) drama free!!!!

5) not scared of being zerged down to oblivion ^_^

6) we don't care where you're from, as long as you play in our same timeframe.


How to apply:

If this may sound like what you are looking for, look for Mizpyra in-game, or send an in-game mail.

Alternatively, just search the guild in-game and hit the apply button.


Preference of class/race:

Please avoid Popori (we can't stand them). Elins are tolerated, as long as they are not meleers :D

Classes, for now, everybody is welcome - but Berserker / Mystic on top.


Thanks for your attention - see you in-game.

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