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Need Advice !

FehdFehd Member UncommonPosts: 64

Hi fellas ,


My daughter saw her friend playing this game and she is now thinking of start playing it as well , she asked me if the game any good or if I played it before which I don't since am not big fan of anime looking game so thought i would ask here about :


What is best solo pve class ?

How is the pvp like ?

How is the crafting system ?

Is there an IP problems for none US/EU ?


My girl is only 8 years and she is mainly into pve since most times she get beaten in open world pvp and quit the game , she likes to play archer , mage .. etc long range dps so maybe someone expert may recommend which one is best . She also like getting into crafting to make her own stuff so how would u compare it to other MMO"s ?

Ant tips and advice will be welcome .. thanks . 


  • lastgunstarlastgunstar Member Posts: 7

    1. I'm not at level cap but it seems every class can solo rather easily. Harder difficulties are obviously... more of a challenge but I can hold my own. Out of what your daughter likes to play, I would go with the Sorceress. They are the typical Mage of DN. They split into Elementalist or Mystic at level 15. Each of those is then split again as you put skill points into the various abilities.

    The Elementalist tree splits into Fire or Ice. Ice plays a tad more defensively than Fire due to it's freezing and slowing abilties. Fire... blows stuff up. Mystic deals with Gravity magic and... laser beams. The gravity magic has less DPS than the other types but has excellent crowd control and support abilities. The laser tree.... shoots various styles of beams ranging from a straight beam, a broad barrage, to an all out rave party of death beams.

    I've chosen the Mystic/Gravity route and don't regret it. It's less flashy but I can still destroy things with ease solo.

    2. I haven't tried it but it's completely instanced and separate from the PvE side of the game. She won't be bothered by gankers or the like at all.

    3. Crafting is a mixed bag. Materials are hard to come by and gear seems to get replaced quickly at low levels. I've found most of my gear through quests and drops. Crafting seems to be the way to go if you want a specific set fo gear, i.e. a set for Dark type damage, or other stats. This is something I haven't touched on much, but at the same time, I never had to.

    4. This I do not know, but I'm under the impression that Nexon IP blocks non US IPs... I could be wrong. If so, there are other companies hosting DN.

    Random advice:

    1. IIRC, there is only one skill point reset at this time. once you learn and skill or put points into it... it's locked unless you buy a reset. Since skill points are limited, this can be a problem for some people.

    2. There's no need to mash the mouse button to attack... simply holding it down works.

    3. Your daughter will be playing an Archer or Sorceress. These jobs are pretty weak defensively and soloing doesn't help that. Be quick, be nimble and don't take too many risks. These are ranged jobs, so keep plenty of distance between mobs and your character.

  • FehdFehd Member UncommonPosts: 64

    Thanks for the info lastgunstar , I was most concern about pvp but since it is not open world pvp and it is instanced then she will be fine , now just need to look for where to dl the game from since we not using US IP .

  • BMoorBMoor Member Posts: 202

    1. There's actually a 2nd skill point reset once you reach the current max level of 40.

    2. For the sorceress, once you learn a particular skill (that I can't remember the name of), holding down the mouse button will tell her to charge up her normal attack instead of repeatedly attacking.

    3. For Archers, they divide into Acrobats and Sharpshooters.  The playing style of the Acrobat is to jump in and attack.  They're quite nimble and works well in open fields.  On the other hand, the playing style of the Sharpshooter is to snipe.  Quite a few Sharpshooter skills will have the Sharpshooter frozen in 1 spot and shooting.  They work wonders in hallways where the mobs are in linear formation.


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