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Anyone playing Dark Souls?

omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

Hey, so yeah I was finally able to pilfer the 360 from my brothers room, haven't played on a current gen console since he fried my ps3 .-. Anyway, this means I can finally play Dark Souls and I was just wondering how many other of my fellow MMORPGers are playing/ have played it. 

If so... what is your characters main combat style, what covenant did you pick? Etc etc...

Just started up so I don't really have too much to say but, I picked out Thief as my first, wasn't really a bad thing...just more so an awkward playstyle when going against multiple creatures. Oh and some guy in really cool armor lit me on fire :3 

Go on share! Lets get the console forums boilin'


  • bakedpotatobakedpotato Member Posts: 27

    I pre-ordered Dark Souls, as I played Demon Souls on PS3 and loved it. I havn't completed it as I had to wait until I have a lot of patience, but it really really good, and really really fustrating. (Especially when players invade your game, so I play in soul form a lot) I did end up joining the one where you can invade other players but it took a while as you have to find people etc. Then I joint the convenant with the big giant spider lady as you got quite powerful spells from them, but I can't remember their name, sorry :(

    General playstyle was shield and sword and as much power as possible, and then go from there. I loved the magic system in the old one, but they changed it to having a certain amount of spells and having to restock, which is a major pain, but it's still helpful. Try and not have too much heavy armor, as you'll need speed in a fair few of the bosses, and having an bow or alternative ranged weapon is good too. These are generally my playstyle tips, everyone has their own way of playing and find whats best for them.



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  • doomspectredoomspectre Member Posts: 12

    Not since my first days of Everquest have I felt so scared and submerged within a game world. Sure, two different genres, but Dark Souls captures that classic feeling that losing it all is just one mistake away. Just so much depth + multiplayer, it's almost like, why even bother with mmorpgs anymore :p


    Ive made three characters, from Priest/Tank builds to pure damage melee to pyromancy, and I have gotten the farthest with a damage focused melee guy. Later on I'll probably pick up pyro. good thing character class is easily overcome with time(souls)

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