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So, now we know it, what now?

jungleninjajungleninja Member UncommonPosts: 206

So, now we know we know where HI is with the game, whats next? We now know they scammed us for real, the game is dead, the game will not be polished and all that other stuff they promised is never gonna see the day of light. I will give them the benefit of the dought and say they might have wanted to do stuff, but they never really did. See their fruits of the product and then the last state of the union, just showed they dont care for us, only for our cash. Did anyone see their last dev chat last year? Where they laughed at us when we asked when will there be new updates? So, then they already knew it, just wanted more and more cash to buy food (just look at the devs).

Well, this is the last im gonna say about this game as its dead. If and I say only if this game comes back to life, I wil respond. But for now, all have fun and I truly hope, noone will ever buy a product from HI or from one of their devs again! NEVER!

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