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Is Runes of Magic any good?



  • SkullyWoodsSkullyWoods Member Posts: 183

    It's not a bad game, I played it for a long time and really enjoyed myself. Very much enjoyed mixing and matching classes and I hear you can even pick add a third class to your character at a certain level which makes me wanna play again. Cash shop definitely provides players with an advantage which was my one and only gripe with the game. Though if I had to go back to a WoW type game I think I'd definitely play Allods instead.

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  • TheCrow2kTheCrow2k Member Posts: 953
    I would rate it 8/10. There is loads of content & many dual class builds to try. Perms mounts are cash shop only, PvP is cash shop reliant. Endgame you can get away with spending minimal cash if you are prepared to grind more. Ultimately you will need to spend some money between level 60-70. No areas or quests require the cash shop but improving your gear to survive in some areas will need some cash.

    End of the day you do get a whole lot for free & its a lot of fun solo or with friends.
  • MMOman101MMOman101 Member UncommonPosts: 1,530

    For a few months. 

    I left years ago and have never even thought about going back. 

    There are worse and it is free. 

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  • gracefieldgracefield Member UncommonPosts: 279
    Originally posted by Raisen223
    Originally posted by norman728
    as a suggestion you should track down the old ROMCAST Podcast as it was good for info on the game. also they have a Youtube channel that highlights alot of the game too including ROMNATION.  

    I want opinions, not information. I already know what the game's like, I just want to know good it really is.



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  • Lovely_LalyLovely_Laly Member Posts: 734

    it's money sink..
    slightly outdated as has n modern features as dungeon finders, auto party makers and so on.

    I stopped to play when saw it's endless grind/spent as you have juts time to get your upgraded to be sure all is outdated.

    If you like to do same daily quests all long or asking others to help you with anything, or you feel like pay a lot for game and not even have much fun - this game is for you.

    If not, try Forsaken World, which is WoW-like too, but less shop pushing (at least you can buy all you need, mount too, with in game money, and have dungeon finder).

    Anyway, check both and look what you like more.

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  • pmw4friendpmw4friend Member Posts: 63
    Honestly yes runes of Magi is great as long as you have some friends
  • pmw4friendpmw4friend Member Posts: 63
    Honestly yes it is good ahead n give it a try, if u need any help check it this
  • KarteliKarteli Member Posts: 2,646

    It was OK for a couple weeks.  (Runes of Magic) RoM is the very definition of WoW clone though.  Some games differ from WoW, this game does not, with the exception of personal housing / guild housing (costs REAL money though to get anywhere).  Housing is all instanced so it's not on the same level as other games who did better jobs, like SWG.  As for seemless worlds, WoW did it better anyways .. not to champion WoW, since it was dumbed down so much it's not very thrilling.


    I found the RoM graphics engine to be not that great.  Somewhere between SWTOR and WoW, but mostly towards SWTOR since it gags and gasps for air in big cities or when near a bunch of other players.  Sometimes when just alone, if will suddenly go choppy with no rationale as to why.


    For it's freemium qualities, it's OK.  You get a really tiny inventory space though as Freemium (F2P farse), not even enough to go out adventure and collect stuff... you will continually have to junk items to make room for quest items, items you can't wear yet, or valuable stuff.  By tiny, I mean tiny .. couple dozen unique / stackable item types or so.


    Inventory space can be increased, but on a "rent" basis.  Buy additional temporary inventory slots for a fee.  Same goes for mounts.  You can rent fast travel mounts, but they have a fixed duration of existence.  You can also rent the ability to use global chat commands.  Add everything together and you spend more than a monthly sub to WoW.


    If you play the game to hell and back you can acquire currency, which you can spend to buy gems / rubies from other players (cash shop currency).  I've never done that, but they must be gifted to another player, and some trust is required, leading to players getting ripped off (ie give currency and say OK, give them to me .. then never see the other player again).  To my knowledge, there is no secure transfer of such trades.


    Guild halls were cool, you spend time to accumulate resources required to make the guild hall bigger and better.  Also newbies can harvest resources inside the guild hall to get crafting mats (at the expense of the guild, but harvesting takes time).


    You can have a hybrid class and switch back and forth between classes (each class developes independently).


    The best gear is obtained with real money.


    Overall, like I said, I played a couple weeks, and saw what I needed to see.  Graphics engine is not that great, but gets the job done.  Freemium restrictions are intense, unless you fork over real money.  You'd have to spend more than a monthly subscription on WoW to have the same game experience, not even including purchased gear.  I moved on :-)


    ps - but I will say RoM had a good soundtrack, with many zones having a Celtic themed music score.



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  • sibs4455sibs4455 Member UncommonPosts: 364
    Originally posted by Panther2103
    I think RoM is a good example of pay to win. It has items that are required in the shop for you to do anything later on in the game. While you can earn the gold to buy the diamonds for it, it takes absurd amounts of time to do that, and the game itself doesn't have as much population as it once did.

    RoM was not always like that, when they released the game it was really fun.

    Chapter 2 changed RoM from a pretty decent f2p game to an absolute rip off game, once they realized that if bosses droped more good stats then people would use the cash shop to use these stats, p2w at its worst.

    Ofcourse there were lots of people who didnt use the cashshop but either they only played for an hour every few days or else they lived in the game. 

  • tanziatanzia Member Posts: 3

    Karteli gave a realistic summary.


    However I am going to add to it.


    I think player's should be made aware of the lack of customer service.

    I purchased $19.99 in their IM currency.

    I was billed.

    I never received my diamonds.

    My support ticket was closed without reply.


    I then logged into my account after 5 hours of still waiting to see that I was banned.


    You might say to yourself that I am full of beans or that this was a fluke - Please be aware that within 30 seconds I found other forum threads, players having the EXACT experience I did - pay, items a no-show, suspended accounts. A dozen names...


    Infact we found for 4 threads and over 17 pages.

    I'd also state, my second ticket is still unanswered - 70+ hours later.

    I disputed the payment and uninstalled, however I can view my very unanswered ticket.


    If that isn't bad enough, my boyfriend also made the same purchase, diferent payment, different location, he never received his items either and also still waiting on ticket, 75+ hours later.

    He took the same action.

  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,041
    Originally posted by Neiken
    Its a decent game. Its very VERY grindy after level 40, and cash shop intensive at endgame. If you plan on seriously playing endgame be prepared to spend a decent amount of money on it. If you like open world PvP, however, lots of fun is to be had on the PvP server. You'll need some cash there too, so you can keep your eqiups from randomly dropping off of you when being PK'd. Its a lot of fun though if your into that, I sure was >:).

    I found the open world PvP rather broken. The moment you're Pk, you're on a downward spiral because of the mechanics used in it. Basically, the only way you can remove your bad reputation is by killing monsters but it goes real slow. Any kill from a 'good guy' lowers your reputation as well and defending yourself does the same. I do hope that these mechanics have changed a bit through time - last time I tried RoM was 2 years ago or so...

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  • joeri123joeri123 Member UncommonPosts: 242

    If you like WoW so much, I don't see how a person can't afford the monthly sub. 

    Its by far the cheapest form of entertainment there is. Skip a meal or movie a month and you have the money so to speak.

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