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Freebie codes for those looking for more free items inside!

VarkingVarking Member UncommonPosts: 541

The game is coming out for iOS in the coming weeks but you can make a character now through Google Chrome or an Android device. If you download the game, add these codes from the net for a few free gifts.


To redeem the code and get your lvl 3 Legendary (pink) Affliction Maces, log to character select, go to the Spacetime Nexus, then, tap the Promo Code button in the lower right and enter your code.


Enter pocketgamer20120410 and a special The Butchers weapon will appear in your inventory.

mmorpg20120410 will get you the Downfall Blades.

Please be advised that these codes will only be active for a couple of weeks. So add them to your account soon if you want some freebies!


Go here and enter for a chance to win Swords of Mortality!

EDIT x2!!!: I just tried to enter the code "droidgamers20120410" to follow along with the others and I did indeed get the swords of Mortality!!!

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