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How to create an account ?

TroubleHunterTroubleHunter Member UncommonPosts: 70
Downloaded this game a month ago, sign up page didnt work. Filled up all the forms, pressed the OK button and nothing happened.
The page just refreshes.
Tried last week with chrome, firefox and IE. Nothing happened.
Asked a friend to try for me today, he wasnt succesful either.
Enlighten me before i unninstall, just create this account here to ask you guys. Tried the search on here and nothing useful appeared. I'm getting pissed off really quick. I love Lord of The Rings :(


  • been_therebeen_there Member Posts: 5

    im like 6gig out of the 7.7gb. see your post and thought id better try make an account.

    same thing happend just refreshed page no email to say account was made or anything.

    you need to display all security certs in browser - if ur using the most recent I.E should have a white message box "like when u download" only this will say show all / show more , click that - and page will refresh , now input your details and it should work or give a red ! next to incorrect fields.

    account created

    the way your post described your problem im pretty sure you tryed all this but thats how i just resolved issue.

    as you tryed other browsers and still no luck, its like something else is stoping browser from sending info

    you could try disable virus scanner while you do this and/or lower firewall (i doubt very much its firewall but worth a try) but its worth a try..



    good luck hope you can sort it.

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