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Hacked accounts

Anyone who's been playing this game knows there has been a rash of accounts being hacked.  A majority of these have been really high level or end game caliber accounts.  When hacked, the hacker will use up all the megaphones that were purchased via cash shop (with real money).  Some have had their gold stolen but to my knowledge no gear has gone missing... yet. 


Now, If you check the game forums you'll find a few longer threads about this hacking problem that has been going on for over 2 months now.  Frogster still says they can't find a fault on their end (would you really expect them to admit it anyway) and are basically blaming the players for their own accounts getting hacked.  Some may have gone to gold seller websites and such, but there is a breach that Frogster either cant find due to poor IT or they refuse to admit.


Anyone wanting to begin playing this game needs to beware that their accounts could be hacked because of the breach that is still ongoing.  Prices in the cash shop have been steadily going up since the Frogster America office was closed (and it was the profitable one, EU which runs everything now wasn't profitable).  Weekly sales are typically only a few hours now.  The other sales they do have are typically higher in price for the same non sale items.  Buyer beware and look for something new to play.



  • Montana_MikeMontana_Mike Member Posts: 20

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    And even though one of the first accounts to be hacked as a Frogster employee's "Game Master" account, the Frogster employees are still blaming the players for all the security breeches.

    Even worse, Frogster employees are trolling players on the official forums who ask questions pertaining to these account hacks, and then banning their forum accounts if they dare to defend themselves, with the continued threat of banning their game accounts if they continue to ask questions in the future.

    RIP Frogster America

    but since action speak louder than words, Frogster EU will soon be follow them....

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