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can you say buy to win?

im sorry, i like the graphics and the unique things the game offers, but the game is so buy to win it kills the fun.


  • BarCrowBarCrow Member UncommonPosts: 2,195

    I disagree. I just started playing and have played several hours over past 2 days. I think it looks pretty amazing as you said but I am also having a great time. More so than BF3 on my xbox 360 and I love that game. I'm not an ace at FPS but still enjoy them and the players so far seem pretty cool. Not too many douchebags..thus far.

       You can pay for stuff with earned gps or zen(cash bought points in Perfect World). It does take a shitload of GP to buy permanent items..(especially if you suck like me) or you can get temp items for cheaper. I think 1day..3day and 7 day timers...but don't quote me on this. Plus..every time I rank up I get a email with attached temp items. A gift pack of sorts that also contains some permanent "tags" which are little keychain like things you can hang on your primary weapon.  Like a rhino head or a bomb with a fuse. Just for a little touch of customization.

    Anyway. I'm having a blast so far  and I haven't paid for shite. Yet.

  • mattdelamattdela Member Posts: 7

    im glad you find some enjoyment in this game. i'm just a little dissapointed at the system they have imo. on another note if you're just getting into FPS games then i recommend taking a look at Planetside 2. the game is going to be in beta soon, and it's has some promising qualities.

  • kabal.yerokabal.yero Member Posts: 29

    nope, it's not buy to win or pay to win...

    I got all my permanent items by simply playing the game and earning GP...

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