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If you are thinking of checking forsaken world out . My guild would be happy to help ..

UnitAkiraUnitAkira Member UncommonPosts: 25

  If you are thinking out checking out the game, My guild Seraphic would love to help you out , we  welcome new members novice /or pro :) and we dont mind casual players at all . Yes im recruiting my bad but couldnt help myself :) 

anyway We are on the lionheart server of the game . we arent the biggest guild and we arent the smallest guild . but we are helpful and easy going . a quick run down as follows.

Who we are: We are a level 5 guild with a level 2 base that includes vault, garden, mining, fishing, alchemy, and tamer room, as well as tri-weekly level 2 campfires and exorcisms. We aim to be relaxed and helpful- we strive to keep ourselves drama-free and answer any questions fellow members may have. Overall, we are a fun and friendly, team-minded guild that takes pride in the knowledge we share, the support we provide, and the bonds we build.

Where we are: Currently, we're  soon to upgrade the base to level 3. We also possess an Aroses statue and a battlefield and are active in weekly Rift/GvG. In addition to PvP, we also run instances/WBs together frequently and may organize formal PvE groups/times in the future.

Requirements: We have no formal level or contribution requirements, though we do remove inactive, non-contributing members to make way for new members. And more importantly...

What we look for in members: Members should be friendly, helpful, mature, active, and willing to do their part to help the guild grow. As mentioned previously, we have no formal contribution requirements, and our members' RLs take priority- however, a base takes a lot of work to maintain, and the more who participate, the easier it is for everyone. Every little bit counts!

How to join: PM or mail any of the recruitment officers in-game. As long as they aren't afk or in the middle of something, they will respond promptly.

-Guild Leader: UnitAkira

-Officers: BellaQ, Mizz, Larcus,TriPack

Our website:

so come check ForsakenWorld out,  love it or hate it , be great to meet you and run a few instances :)



  • 190100190100 Member UncommonPosts: 48

    I'm gonna save your prospects some trouble, they need not bother with this game.


    Basically, FW only served as a temp game til D3/TERA/GW2 etc. It was actually fun at first before cashers maxed out and no longer needed to buy things, but now everyone has level 80 mastery ($4000) and gear drops like candy (ToK) or from arena/zodiac only.

  • UnitAkiraUnitAkira Member UncommonPosts: 25

    well i see your point but i also see you miss the point of gaming too .. so there is some rule i have to have the best of the best on the server ? hell if its like that then i'll have to quit my job and 24/7 grind my way even with cash shopping.. i see fun is something you dont bring to games when you play.. what ever happen to having a cool group to run stuff with and enjoy the social and ingame things.. you dont need gucci gear for pve and for pvp well who has the best wallet wins and its a game i see as been kind of lame for pvp. and personally when i want to pvp i play BF3/BF2 , project reality and the likes where skill gets you kills and not your wallet etc . in saying that i still hit the GVG instances because its fun and i dont mind if i get killed ..after all its a game and you do still get rewarded for your effort .. thanks for your 5 cents, i have to wonder why you bothered to post in this thread at all when it was more of a guild recruiting thing than a debate on if you personally like the game or not..

    anyway i do hope you find some happiness in a game .. enjoy your day :)

    and GW2 and TSW well just had a great weekend playing TSW :)  and tera u say ..hmmm  action system that stales after 10 levels .blah blah blah if you like a game you like it, if you dont you dont. its pretty simple but yeah i think i'll take a note from you and go bagging every game i dont like ..oh wait i have work and fun to do so cant waste my time :)

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