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G1 Moderator Rages :3/Ticked Off.

RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 2,982 Just read the last entry by their moderator I made them rage....

Seriously it is pretty sad K2 Networks/Gamers first.

1. Years ago when I played Sword OF The New World (SOTNW) I had lost my password and secret question I filed a ticket and asked for help the email I got from them was sorry you need a premium account? I was like WTF I forgot my info  I spent money now I couldn't play, however I found my secret question after spending hours going through saved documents on my external drive got my accoutn back.

2. I spent around $300+ in Fallen Earth only to be harassed by a clan called ExileGamers who constantly trolled in game just like GoonSwarm after applying for their guild because I got an unsoliciated mail from their clan member. Their leader is part of the Trolling, and I have over 400 Snapshots to back everything some of them posted under the FE section here but locked by moderator, and a lot more including snapshots where they have clearly brought harassment to other techs, and friends of mine.

This was reported two times at least to gamers first where they never respond after the last emails were filed providing all the snapshots I had as evidence where they continued to bring harassment to other techs claiming they were me and something about people causing them drama elsewhere online. Either way their members have been in violation of the games Code OF Conduct and done way worse than I ever did when I got my account suspended for some racial slurs because their members decided to take something I said not directed to anyone and complain to G1 about it, in other words I was baited by them to a certain point.

3. Now we have the SOTNW issue, I just put $80 into this game, the game comapny never asked me to link my account and I believed my old account was in fact my new account because of the portal change so I just bought gold, fact is it went to the wrong account, and I only got two orders of the gold I paid for out of 3 orders which would have equal to $80 USD on the account unsure as of why.

So Anyways I asked on the forums about it and finally found out what was going on myself I contacted g1 let them know through support, and asked on the forum, and finally the moderator comes out and says and should I Quote this :3.

"4) Makes perfect sense why they would. If you have 2 accounts linked and you ask them to remove gold then they disable the account they took it from so more gold can't be put on their in future. All it means is that you could not create a playable account using your G1 id. You can still log into the G1 site and use that ID to play other G1 games - just not Sword. If you don't want this to happen then buy in game cash shop items you can transfer and do it that way."

Am I wrong, didn't the moderator just say I could login to the game and pay for gold using my new account then transfer the goods to my old account, because I can swear they did.

And yet another quote from their last post.

"If you're going to start picking fights and playing the blame game then I'll revoke my gesture of contacting G1 on your behalf and I'll leave you to wait on your ticket. It's no skin off my nose and to be frank I don't tend to help people who tick me off. In future, when someone is helping you, you may wish to be a little bit more grateful regardless of how frustrating the situation may be.

Most people have friends in game, it's not my fault that you don't and yes, I didn't take that into the equation when suggesting you to buy and transfer the items.

Anyway, as you've decided to try and push blame on to me, I'm off. Good luck fixing your issue." 

Oh wait I played the blame game here because I let them know that I used their idea, and couldn't transfer my items and now what do I do in other words, and because I updated the ticket to G1 and told them about this. Oh wait the blame game? Maybe they made a mistake I have no idea all I know is that G1 Customer Service seems to be failing big times, and all they seem to be about is making money not giving a crap for any of its customers.

Well Maybe I don't like Nexon, or PWI because I feel their cashshop items are way too expensive, or maybe I don't like sony, or Blizzard anymore but seriously at least they provide faster support and actual service where I can check a ticket unlike Gamers First...


  • BMoorBMoor Boston, MAMember Posts: 202

    The forum moderators here are NOT customer service.  They're not even associated with the company running the game.  Instead, they are regular players (or former players) who just happened to be active and polite on the forums.  As a result, they are chosen to have moderator privilages on the forum.  Outside of the forum, they're just your regular player / former player.

    I'm iffy on G1 as a company and hence haven't spent much on them but fortunately, also haven't run into many issues that required a ticket.

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 2,982

    Well thanks for letting me know this does clear up some serious concerns I had about the issue.

    Most companies that I have known actually have GM's that work in game working on the forums I never had any clue that Moderators like myself could be part of the community on the forum unless they worked for the site. I figured as well that most companies wouldn't do this due to possible abuse, not saying that I have been abused on the forum but in general.

    I still say however that G1 needs to improve customer service because what I have said on their forum, and here still stands they never provided support the first time I ever submit a request, and after that two others I never got responses on if the issues were solved or what.

    Finally it seems that G1 has got the message that I am not happy with this whole issue and maybe going to solve the issue I hope crosses fingers.

    I am not upset for the Moderators who are not working for the board mistakes happen, Nor was I actually trying to blame this Moderator of G1 forums because my account was messed up as clearly it was not their fault. My problem to be specific was being told I could have transfered the items to my alt and then finding out I couldn't I just hope that G1 can transfer all 100+ items to my other account along with the gold without any problems I would hate to loose money put into the game.

    However saying I am playing the blame game on the forums I refuse to help you is not a good thing to say either, logging into see that today just made me rage and yes I was upset after reading that post made by their mod on those boards.

    All I know for certain is that this issue there has been a big chain of events starting from when I purchased the gold and confusion which have gone nowhere but down hill, and I have to say that from the experience and purchases across multiple F2P games this is the first game I have ever had this type of issue with.

    Maybe they just forgot about not being able to multilog from the same computer or that I had to have a friend do this or thought I had friends, well I knew quite a few people on the game back in the day however I have not played the game for years I figured I could mail myself the items.

    But hey Thanks for letting me know about this, and like I was saying I am not playing the blame game as if I was I would have filed a complaint to G1 about the person directly, and still could do such if I had issues, but I don't as obviously I had to make my point that I was told I could transfer these items and then couldn't.

    Also yep I did get a message that they are only a player in game with some ban/mod rights on the forums, or a Sword2 Moderator which explains somethings.

  • IchmenIchmen Winnipeg, MBMember UncommonPosts: 1,228

    while i havent touched this game. i personally see that mod's posts as offensive, which is just another reason why i personal disaprove of "vol" staff made from the community. 

    forum moderators and ingame support should ALWAYS be handled by company staff.  it just keeps things from getting messy.

    that said, it seems odd that G1 would allow you run the game without linking up your account.  dont most game portals require that to some extent?? i know stuff hosted on steam does, like star trek had it link my steam to my game account so i can lauch it via steam...

    i think i used G1 for APBr before they went to steam, cant recall. but i do recall having to link the account to the game/portal launcher. 

    so why wouldnt they link your old account up with your "new" G1 account there by saving you any hassle from buying coins for it??  seems kinda odd to me.

    hopefully you get it settled in a more professional mannor. 

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  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 2,982

    Well they did actually spend the last days trying to help solve the issue, and from what I know even have been in contact with the people who actually run the game so I really do appricate that much.

    My problem really isn't this person when I saw that post I totally raged because I thought they were hired by G1 or something, but turns out they actually are just a moderator of the board a player like me, and might have made a small mistake, or in otherwords thought I knew already about it as I had previously played the game.

    Had I have known this moderator of this game was not working for G1 directly but just another player I would not have raged so hard, but luckly they seem pretty nice actually, and they found out I made a post here because some Troll saw it here and linked it over there for the laughs, and I am just glad they didn't instantly Ban Hammer from forums/game, and I really hope they don't.

    To be honest I have a problem with moderators I try my best to avoid them, especially if they are GM's in a game, I guess that is part of being somewhat Anti Social when you think of it like avoid the moderator avoid a ban.

    And another thing is while I made a mistake by posting this here it has lead to some pretty good things I would say, although I am still not really happy about G1 in general, I have found out that some moderators can actually be nice, I just hope some don't hold grudges.

    Anyways Mistakes do happen, I offend this moderator by my post because they feel I was playing the blame game, and I logged into check the post and totally raged thinking they were a Moderator, and worked for G1, but after finding out different I realise that there was a big misunderstanding here, and while I can't just blame another player who is a moderator. My problem is G1's decisions, and G1 needing to get better support although I am not sure how they are running their company to be exact. I guess I am just so used to GM/Mods abusing their power that I did go off too early.

    My problem is G1 really they do not seem to listen to its customers much at least that is my opinion on the matter.

    I like G1, however their Ticket/Support system is not that great it takes them days if not weeks to respond to a ticket if they even if they ever do. If I report another palyer for example and send in snapshots for harassment I don't expect them to really ban or do anything to that other player, but I expect them to at least do something maybe ask them to stop or something if its just trolling/in game griefing, but since I sent in those requests starting from one like a month ago I feel as a customer like it never got looked into they respond to me I think in my mail, but thats as far as it went I never got word or notice of it was solved, or ticket closed or anything.

    I told G1 this in the last support ticket I sent in that they really need to update the system and make it easier for people to know what is going on as customers it doesn't cost much I don't think to do such, and its way easier, and makes customers even if it does take a few days know taht the issue is being looked into and such.

    To me and this is an opinion I feel that A lot of F2P companies just do not care much about its customers you make a suggestion, Half the time it gets ignored because they want to make profit, and or bad support.

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