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how was the beta this weekend

kel11kel11 Member Posts: 1,089
??? Thats the question.......

Change my mind so much I can't even trust it
My mind change me so much I can't even trust myself


  • kel11kel11 Member Posts: 1,089

    o and i forgot was it better then the last and was there anything new?

    Change my mind so much I can't even trust it
    My mind change me so much I can't even trust myself

  • SponXSponX Member Posts: 33

    how was the beta this weekend
    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I didnt play the last one ::::06::
  • djlightningdjlightning Member Posts: 27
    I enjoyed the hell out of it. It was little rough at first figuring out how the worked (RPG(Both Parts),PvP,GvG and some other stuff). Keep in mind, this is not your run of the mill rpg. Seems to have something for everyone.
  • pelukopeluko Member Posts: 1

    Is going to be something new on the next beta weekend (April 15th - 17th)?? I've played 2 times to these events and I haven't seen any changes from one to the other...
    Something good in this game would be going everywhere, I don't like going on predefined ways, i would like to jump into water and swim or jump into a precipice...as daoc does ^_^
    This feature isn't going to be available when the final game appears?

  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    Always have a great time playing GW. Tried out a couple of different character combinations this time around. And loved the new area at the beginning. I think it will go over big at release.

    One thing I realized even more this weekend was how different classes in GW are from other games. In most other RPGs for example, a bow class is a puller. Period. A GW Ranger can fulfill so many roles in a group it's just silly. CC, DPS, secondary healer/rezzer, caster interrupt, anti-tank (trapper).

    Some things you'd expect. A Warrior/Monk is pretty much a paladin tank. A fire elementalist is your basic pure damage dealer. But with the secondary profession system and the skill lines, you literally can create your own roles within a class and literally change roles from one mission/PvP session to the next. And every level you can basically totally respec your character if you run across a couple of skills from a line you haven't bothered with yet.

    So I was discovering/re-discovering this stuff and having a pretty good time with it.

  • ahilahil Member Posts: 19

    the beat whas super ;)::::29::

    i love TIBIA...

  • dcx69dcx69 Member Posts: 2

    Im srry But Warior/Monks>than the rest

  • semanticsemantic Member Posts: 122

    Originally posted by dcx69
    Im srry But Warior/Monks>than the rest

    not if u no how to pwn ther @ss3s

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