I realy cant see why people would play this game.

Eh to start off I haven't played it yet but  I'm installing it right now, and its takeing longer to install than skyrim Btw.

What atracted me to the game was the creating a layer and the old-school kinda look to it. Then I saw it was a sub game with the same price as WoW... I don't understand how ppl can pay 15.00 a month for this kind of game... Whats even wierder is nobody seems to think the same way. My question is: is there something im realy missing that makes this game worth the same price a month as wow, or rift, or even Other sandbox mmorpgs with the same kind of concept..?


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    Prior to ask "why should I pay to play [enter title there]?" you may ask yourself - "what do I want from the game?".

    No doubt, you know that Istaria has:

    a) free-to-play option. You play as Human only, cannot have plot. I play this option;

    b). 9,95$ a month. 5 character slosts, cannot have plot;

    c). 14,95$ a month. 7 character slots, can own plot.

    If you want to play as a Dragon (and it is very rare MMORPG who may offer this) and have your own lair - your best option is to pay 15$ a month a be a Dragon.

    If you just want to try how does it look to be in Istaria - you may use free trial (some 2 weeks if I remember good), choose any race and just see how do you feel there.

    If you want to be Human and you feel you don't want plot (although it really helps much) - you may play free of charge. Istaria has no "pay-to-win" options, no cash shop.

    I think, Istaria is great. It has great community that would be glad to advice you or help to defeat that pesky monster, run to rescue you. There are no cash shops there, only a player-driven economy, therefore you could become a millionaire should you wish to be one (if you have enough patience to look what do players buy and sell). There are lots of quests, especially fro Dragons - every ability is quest given, so you will rarely will be asking "what to do now"?. There is a big world to explore with various enemies and just a beautifull places. There are player-organized events each year. There are player Guilds with their plots only Guild member can use. There are deadly lands where the most powerfull monsters live waiting for anyone to challenge them (and believe me, there some that require a group of veteran players to have a chance...). Being a Dragon - should you wish be one - will mean that every group would be more than happy to have a "flying tank" in their ranks. And finally, there is joy to help others. Just the situation: some player in one town started to build buildings on his plot. I came and almost alone helped to build some walls. The player did not know it was me - all he sees are newly built walls. I know I am usefull to others and others would surely help me should I need their help.

    Well, there are no PvP in Istaria, it's PvE only game, so if you expect "world vs world" or PvP - it is not for you. The only place you could try PvP is Arena, otherwise - no chance to attack other player. There is a maintenance day on Tuesday. And there is not so huge population (but it is friendly and supportive).

    That ends my answer. If you have more question, feel free to read Velveeta's blog about Dragon starting or my own blog about my adventures, both good and bad. Or feel free to ask me :)

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