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Rendering problems

McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,039

So I decided to give Istaria a shot while waiting for GW2 to come out. I've been having problems from the start with certain textures missing in-game. I don't have access to the official forums, so I thought I would try here for advice.

For some reason a lot of dragon textures are missing and only showing grey skins. All of my drivers are updated and I am not having problems with other games, only this one. 


  • McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,039

    This is fairly annoying since I still cannot post on the official forums to find a solution for the texture issue.

    Their forum admin has to approve my account and it's been three days already and that does not speak well for them for something so simple.

  • LithuanianLithuanian Member UncommonPosts: 330

    I suggest contacting Istaria's support, not forum.

    To contact, you should go to and fill the ticket with all the details.

    If you are using some mod, it may cause problems.

    If your Istaria account is still not activated, feel free to email me. I could post on your benefit at their forums. To do so, I may need details about your PC configuration as well as Istaria client version you are using.

  • McGamerMcGamer Member UncommonPosts: 1,039

    The problem with trying to contact support or fill out a ticket is that you have to have an activated forum account, which I don't have due to my original problem.

    There is no way for a new/returning player to contact anyone there. I was able to resolve the issue on my own though as far as the textures go. But, after receiving an email from the admin that my application was deleted before even being approved,  I am wondering if the game is worth the hassel. Their reason for deleting the app was only that it didn't match my old account, lol( derp reason).

    Thanks for the reply though.

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