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Super heroic insanity

MarorinMarorin Member Posts: 2

Howdy all, first time here. Wanted to ask a big question. I've been wanting to subscribe to one but I have a hard time figuring out what would give me the best bang for the buck so to speak. 

Champions Online

City of Heroes 

and last but not least, DC Universe Online

I kinda wanna only sub one and they each have great stuff.... so I need to gauge opinions here @_@ Thanks for any help 


Basically I just wanna figure out which games give you more bang for your buck. 


  • XiaokiXiaoki Member RarePosts: 3,358

    All 3 are free to play so you can test them out without paying anything.

    City of Heroes - the gameplay and content is a bit outdated comparing to CO and DCUO. Last time I played the community was obsessed with Architect Mission grinding and getting characters to max level in a matter of hours.

    Champions - gameplay and content is not bad. Community is alright. Certainly not as bad an MMO as most make it out to be.

    DC Universe - gameplay is good but the content is paper thin. Community isnt terrible. DC has more to do at endgame than CoH or CO but its a horrible gear grind. Character customization is also terrible.

    I could give a more in depth break down but its early.

  • MarorinMarorin Member Posts: 2

    Well I've tried all three but I can't decide which one to focus on in terms of subscription and upping membership.

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