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Trying to pick a new Fantasy MMO

BarachielBarachiel Member UncommonPosts: 10

I've finally tired of WoW, and want to go back to try something a little different.  I'm torn between going to back to EQ2 or LotRO, or trying Aion, given that its got a free trial, and F2P in 2 weeks.  

I'm looking for a fun, straighforward levelilng experience with an involved story that can be done solo, if necessary (I work nightshift), something a step above the Gather-Mats-Push-A-Button crafting experience, and a personalized player housing system.  


  • AmjocoAmjoco Member UncommonPosts: 4,858

    Aion would be a good choice. I'm going to start it back up myself when the F2P kicks in. If you are just like most of us and waiting for GW2 to come out and you wnat some fun pvp try Warhammer-Age of Reckoning. Also, Age of Conan is pretty fun. :)

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  • BarachielBarachiel Member UncommonPosts: 10

    I have little to no interest in PVP.  SWTOR's warzones are the first time I"ve honestly enjoyed PVP for any length of time, and from what I've read, that makes me something of an aberration.  I'm a casual solo player who'd like to bes a mid-level raider, were it not for a crappy work schedule that bans me from prime-time play.  

    I enjoy a good story first, interesting gameplay second, and character/home customization options third.  The thing I miss most about SWG (my old Backup-MMO) is my beautiful decorated house.  *sniffle*  EQ2 has the latter, but its questing/levelling experience left me cold.  LotRO was middle of the road for everything, not quite wowing me, but I loved my guild, when they were on.  Rift I'm torn on.  Il oved it for about 2 weeks, then dropped it like a hot potatoe.  If it was F2P, I'd give it another shot. 

    I've been watching the vids on Aion 3.0: Ascendance, and I'm intrigued.  Currently waitng for the client to finish DLing. 

  • PNM_JenningsPNM_Jennings Member UncommonPosts: 1,093

    aion's decent from what i've played of it. nothing groundbreaking and a bit grindy, but it's pretty as all get out.

  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,182

    If you really want the involved story that can be done solo, I don't think anything really holds a flame to SWTOR in that department. Unfortunately SWTOR offers VERY little in terms of other forms of content (no REAL player housing, click button gather/craft).


    EQ2 I found the crafting to be fairly invovled (at least when I played it at release), I hear there is player housing and has been made much more solo-friendly... however I do not think there was ever much "story" to follow.

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  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,408

    for single player PvE experience definately AoC (if you like low fantasy, brutal, beautiful, barbaric world) or Aion ( if you like anime, acid trip world, flying combat, bright colors and flashy animations).


    they are hands down the best, most graphically amazing F2P right now.



    AoC's F2P restrictions wont really effect you untill you reach end level and by then you'll have a good idea ifyou want to continue playing or not.

    Aion's F2P is a bit more annoying (at least in the EU version where they restrict some chat features etc ) but it's still very doable as long as you dont play in the open pvp zones like the Abyss.



  • Storman1977Storman1977 Member Posts: 207

    With the changes over the last few years and going free to play, DDO is more casual and solo friendly and has quite a few story arcs.  Also, combat is more action oriented compared to WoW, LoTRo, and SWTOR.  And, the big bonus is you won't be running around the hills and dales collecting wolf pelts or killing X number of monsters. 

    PvP is an afterthought and quests are built around the person/group that is in it at the time ( in other words, instanced) so you won't be competing with other players/groups for a quest objective.  Depending on which MMO camp you talk to, these two features are either boons or banes.  I consider them boons. 

    First life leveling is straight forward with little grind.  If you "True Resurrect", leveling starts becoming grindy.  The only real grind is in getting gear.  At the higher levels, gear becomes very important if you want your character to be optimal.  You will find yourself doing the same quests over and over again in hopes of getting a good roll on the chests.  New mechanics have been put in place recently to help reduce the gear grind though.

  • KrellenKrellen Member Posts: 84

    I suggest Conan.  AOC will be fun for a little while.  I never made it to max level but enjoyed the time I did sped in it.  Has interesitng classes and combat and Lv 1-20 is great with decent story. 

  • PanDaZmOOPanDaZmOO Member UncommonPosts: 49

    Yeah I'd definitely recommend Aion (:

  • Hattie94Hattie94 Member Posts: 6

    Thanks for posting!

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