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Late Night beta event sunday?

Gats2k6Gats2k6 Member Posts: 190

i remeber last month when we were suppose to get an event before the beta ended unfortunatly i defied my urges to sleep and probally would have helped me thru school the next day but last month when we got an error when it was time for the event and i was like w t f ! i wasted my time for an error lol but i couldn't stay up long enough for this event. As i was wondering what all happened during the late night event?


  • kazak4x4kazak4x4 Member Posts: 2
    I was in Lion's Arch in district2, we had a huge nude dancing party. I would say that was more fun than the devs could have done. Nothing like having 40-50 people dancing nude on the boat and then running circles around the fountain image
  • Gats2k6Gats2k6 Member Posts: 190

    nice :P too bad that wasn't a dev event the one i was looking forward to hear about :P::::18::

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