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Latale Verdant Friendship Promotion

DashiDMVDashiDMV Member Posts: 362

So for those who played Latale before and quit for whatever reason or 2D side scroller fans that want to try something, Latale is doing a sort of referral/buddy type promotion between now on the end of April.


Basically you click this link to make an account:




When it asks you for a name you can enter no name or any name. Of course since I'm posting here I benefit if you put my name. If you do of course, it will show on my account but you can let me know as well and I will make sure you get more items and in game money to start.

If you want to use my name enter "Perdition" in the referral box.


I have played on and off for a couple years and the game is pretty deep for a 2D game. I don't think it makes anyone stop playing their main game but it's a fun distraction here and there. Also they have a pretty liberal policy on buying cash items so you can literally buy anything in the game with in game money(ely).

Game is pretty small population wise, which is why I imagine they are doing this promotion to get some new blood playing the game. Overall the players are pretty nice and helpful but you do have a bit of that small town mentality going on where everyone knows everyone and the various stuff that sprouts from that.

If you level your character to 15 you get about 3-5 items as well. So if you have an hour or so to kill and want to try a new game or you play Latale before and want to see what is new, go for it.


If you have any other questions, post them here or PM me.



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