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LF serious MMORPG

petrolsmellpetrolsmell Member Posts: 16

I quit EVE about a year go and have been playing Perpetuum but now would like to find something else.

I would like to find a serious MMO that has a good community. Basically something that I could play for years. Sandbox is a pluss but not nessecary.


  • David_LopanDavid_Lopan Member UncommonPosts: 813

    Vanguard is going F2P this summer. I love that game and I can safely say it a serious game with a lot to it. You may want to check it out. I will be heading back there as soon as it goes F2P because I for see the population jumping pretty drastically. And there is also GW2 that should be released this summer or fall.

  • KhaerosKhaeros Member Posts: 452

    Fallen Earth is a themepark with sandbox elements.  The F2P model isn't very harsh, and the world is a fairly bleak post-apoc setting.


    Vanguard is a great suggestion, but when people say low population, they really mean 'this game is deserted'.  F2P may get some new blood in.

  • MeltdownMeltdown Member UncommonPosts: 1,182

    Same, playing perpetuum atm, will check out Vanguard once it goes F2P. I tried Fallen Earth and it was OK. Could look into Xsyon, Mortal Online, Haven and Hearth, Wurm Online... although none of those are close to the quality of EVE/Perpetuum.


    Inb4 Quizzical suggests UWO (which I have never played but probably would be a fine suggestion)

    "They essentially want to say 'Correlation proves Causation' when it's just not true." - Sovrath

  • BlazeyerBlazeyer Member UncommonPosts: 562

    Originally posted by petrolsmell

    I quit EVE about a year go and have been playing Perpetuum but now would like to find something else.

    I would like to find a serious MMO that has a good community. Basically something that I could play for years. Sandbox is a pluss but not nessecary.

    Ugh... If this was a year ago I'd champion you to try FFXI. The game is crazy about gear sets for certain things and math. Now though? Eh.. I'm still looking with you.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 22,118

    If you liked EVE, then you might want to try Uncharted Waters Online.

  • AchylAchyl Member Posts: 29

    I kind of have the same issue as the OP, but the most serious thing I've played as far as a large community is LoL and as far as content goes, the only game I've played with a decent amount of content Vindictus. I just can never find anything that makes me want to stay dedicated to a game for more than maybe a few months. I have been playing LoL for a constant year though, so that's a nice change. However, the trolling community is getting a bit tiresome.


  • some-clueless-guysome-clueless-guy Member UncommonPosts: 220


    Hallo everyone,


    I was about to ask for advice, but I'll do it on this thread since i feel exactely like the OP.


    I always tought that EVE is the best game around overall: technically great, no endgame (or better, you chose your own endgame), great comunity considered what the game offers. Well long story short most of its features are perfect for me, however I've been there for too long and , despite the fact that I've taken several breaks, I can't play it anymore; need some fresh air.

    I tryed Mortal when it came out, darkfall after release, I had a look at wurm recently and none of these hooked me.

    I attempted to start fallen earth 3 times so far, but I can't seem to find the sandbox side in that game, or something worth doing besides missions and roleplay.

    I'm not even considering those pay-to-win games, be it themepark or sandbox.

    Xyson seems interesting but I need a  trial first. Already spent too much cash to buy mmos which I played for less than a week.


    Well, I hope someone comes up with something to save us from this boredom.




  • MurashuMurashu Member UncommonPosts: 1,385

    If EVE is your type of game then I'm afraid there just is not much out there to compete with it. I have the same problem, when I grow tired of EVE I spend weeks searching for something to play as a filler and there just arent many games out there that offer gameplay with any form of consequence. I tried DF for a few months, but the lack of 3rd person view and the feeling of being forced to use swords and archery when I want to be a pure caster ruinded it for me. UWO can be fun, but it's pay to win, has terrible translations that are extremely confusing when trying to decifer quest text, offers very little in avatar customization and I believe the pvp is limited to 5v5...I never saw anything bigger than that.


    So I always end up going back to EVE while waiting for WoD to come out.


  • comcicomcacomcicomca Member Posts: 46

    Try Anarchy Online.

    It is a serious MMO, 

    It has a good community,

    It is something that you could play for years, 

    It is a sandbox game.

    If you check it's forums, you will find out that some of it's playerbase played eve online during their sandbox mmo gaming.

    The game is a little bit older than most of the games out there but thinking in terms of sandbox games players do not have as many choice as wow clones.

    I believe the game is about to or already did have a graphic update so your eyes won't bleed because of the older graphics. Even with it's older graphics the game's overall atmosphere is very very sci-fi and very well designed. Especially the cities.

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