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Petition EME For a Hardcore PvP Rule Set In Tera

hkharpsterhkharpster Member Posts: 11

Hi MMORPG Communily !!!!!

I was hoping that you could help me, I and many other players like Tera but the PvP system that they have right now is very lacking and many want something just a bit me. I have made a Petition to hopefully get EME to add a new Rule Set that PvPers want and will lead more to making the game and the community for the game better. Also since they have posted that there will be NO BG's at launch I and probably many feel that this is a big turn off to the game and may loss players because of it. I do not want that to happen. If you like my changes, or just want to send a statement to EME that players do not care for or want the PvP system that is in Tera now. Please sign my petition. 

Petition EME For a Hardcore PvP Rule Set In Tera : 

The flagging and the 6 levels to get infamy are still implemented. Make it so that small camps are not a Safehaven, having NPC guards able to hit flagged players. Only the main Cities and Towns in the areas are Safehavens. You can drop items from your inventory and a small percentage of your money, when you die from an other player. That loot rights goes to the person the gets the killing blow. Guild wars main a lot more when won getting special items: rare appearance items to show off that your guild has won a set number of guild wars, mounts and special titles. Also having other players on the server be able to bet on the guild they think will win the guild war, with the guilds at war putting up a pot Gold and/or items that players and the winning guild are able to win if their guild is the victor. Getting the whole server involved and getting a bit of a reward back. This would also help make the community on a server better and a lot more enjoyable, also a good way to show and promote your guild for the political system. Thus tying the PvP with the PvE. The BG's will still be there for the guilds to get win the political system that way. 

No insistently porting a group inside a dungeon when cued for the LFG tool. The tool is get but just being able to sit in a city and not have to travel to it, is not. That puts a strain on OWPvP. 

Everything in the game will still be the same, and on the normal PvP server it will be the same as the PvP server rule set is now for players that like that. The Hardcore PvP rule set are only improvements and giving small rewards. But will make the PvP funner for many players that want more. Also these are very minimal changed and tweaks using systems that Tera already currently has. 

If you would like to see a Rule Set like this on a PvP server or more. Please sign this and We as players can show EME what the PvP community wants in PvP. 

Please go to the Tera site and sign :Petition Form Post on Official Tera Forms 

Thanks for your time. 

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