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Zpocalypse: a zombie survival board game

As the title says, it's a zombie apocalypse board game currently being funded through kickstarter.  It has already reached it's goal and is pushing through extended goals with each goal bringing more content to the game.


Check it out here: Zpocalypse


Become a backer and get access to their dev forums and throw in your own ideas.


  • GTwanderGTwander Member UncommonPosts: 6,035

    I have got to use Kickstarter to finance something of mine as well, and before it hits a critical mass, or loses all credibility from scams and failed projects.


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  • BigDave7481BigDave7481 Member Posts: 298

    Well from what I've seen scams aren't a problem... yet.  Also a project won't be funded unless it reaches it's set goal so if you back a project that doesn't reach it's goal then you pay nothing.  As for a failed project, well, everything has a chance of failure.  It all depends on your consumer base.


    As for the board game, us backers are currently helping the devs design expansions to the base game.  If you like zombies, board games and have ideas for both then pledge some $$ and come put up some ideas for the game.

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