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"What if" IPs: What if Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series was a sandbox MMORPG?

BartDaCatBartDaCat Member UncommonPosts: 812

It seems that even the most sacred IPs can be picked up and cranked out as a massively multiplayer experience. 

While this isn't always a good thing, a few have held their ground (e.g. Lord of the Rings Online).

Some may hold that J.R.R. Tolkien's works weigh in more as "classics" worthy of MMO status, but we're seeing newer IPs being picked up, such as George R.R. Martin's 'Song of Ice and Fire' series.

So, I started pondering what other literary work of fantasy fiction has so raptly grabbed my attention in the last couple of decades, and I kept returning to Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' series. 

There are also the short stories that have spun off it to appear in Mr. King's other anthologies and collections, like 'The Little Sisters of Eluria'.

The 'Dark Tower' universe is almost infinitely expansive, and no subject matter is too far fetched to weave into the already intricately complex storyline. 

Within his many works, King has interwoven elements from 'The Dark Tower' into several other books and stories, giving the franchise almost limitless room for expansion into other "Territories" (a reference to King's collaboration with Peter Straub in the novel 'The Talisman').

With this fantastical, edgy western-meets-apocalyptic steam punk-meets-dark high fantasy in mind, what are your thoughts about this subject matter as MMORPG fodder, and what elements would you most want to see taken from the novel to the game?

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