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Game for couples

talongor11talongor11 Member Posts: 1

Hi im stuck between trying to decide between 2 games for me and my fiance to play together she really isnt a big fan of games but im trying to get her into it, so my decision is between rift and EQ2 i played EQ2 when it first came out for like 3 or 4 years and i loved it i havnt played it since rise of kunark expansion so i was thinking of that, but rift has instances supposedly that you can duo and a marriage system and its really easy to level in it so i think that would help keep her interest too, theres just so many good things about both the games one thing that i am concerned about though is the animations, EQ2 animations were good back in the day but if there the same as they were back then there kinda boring not sure how rift is, and the community was really nice when i was playing back then alot of people and everybody was really friendly and helpful, im not sure how rifts community is since its a new game and all. Also starting zones i keep reading posts saying all the starting zones up to level like 60 are barren in EQ2, so if thats true things might get alittle bit boring after awhile of  not seeing anybody and not being able to group up with anybody else, rift is a new game so there should always be people around, please help me out with my decision give me feedback from people who have played the games or both the games that you all for you help!


  • VillafrancaVillafranca Member Posts: 33

    I would say rift out of those.


    But I would add WoW to your list. Rift and WoW are both pretty easy to learn for a newbie gamers such as your girlfriend.


    I have played both with my gf, wow we got to 50ish and stopped becasuse I was bored of wow after 6 years lol, so we tryed rift and both got to 50 (Max level)


    I would say rift is a little harder to play though then WoW.


    All in all, try both rift is free to 20.


    EQ2 though is to hard I think for a new gamer to learn. Also it has been out so long it is a little intimidating to start up asa  newbie.

  • KeoghKeogh Member Posts: 1,099



    Seriously, DON'T ask anyone here what the two of you should try in the way of an MMO.


    You'll have more success getting her interested in an MMO, if you let HER choose. She is meeting you half way by trying an MMO. You meet her half way by trying what she thinks might be entertaining.


    WARNING: If she doesn't show intrest in playing an MMO. Do NOT force the issue.



    "Don't corpse-camp that idea. Its never gonna rez"
    Bladezz (The Guild)

  • MephsterMephster Member Posts: 1,188

    I would say TOR or Guild Wars because in TOR everything is just about soloable except for flashpoints and maybe heroic quests. Guild Wars everything is soloable and you can bring heroes along with you and your fiance.

    Grim Dawn, the next great action rpg!


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