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LFG in Old Republic!? Join Redemption!

CallahornCallahorn Member Posts: 3

Redemption is a Republic guild on the Daragon Trail PvP Server. We also have an imp-alt guild!

We are working adults who put life and family first and play SWTOR on our spare time. We do not exclude hard core gamers just the elitist attitudes associated with it. We welcome all levels of MMO experience.

We are a guild who encourages a "stop and smell the roses" approach to MMOs, no need to spend your 2 weeks vacation to get to max level ASAP.

Redemption plans to experience end game content, but there will be no need to rearrange your life to fit a Raid Schedule.

Family members are welcome to join you, we keep our voice comm and forums clean.

Come join a fast growing guild of like-minded adults.

Check out our featured article on Corellian Run Radio! http://bit.ly/yVxDGn

Click the sig below to go to our official website. Register and introduce yourself.

Redemption Website


We're excited to hear from you!

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