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Resurrection scroll will be launched in March 20 2012, and some things you should know

DalcoDalco Member Posts: 1


The new WoW resurrection scroll the upcoming on-line March 20, 2012!

The system includes a new mount, free game time, the figure increased to 80 (Level-up is only effective in the promotion period, activities closing date please refer to the official website of the message), as well as many other benefits. In order to answer the questions of players, we deliberately produced the detailed graphic guidelines. In addition, recruit comrades back to Azeroth, here are some things you should know:

When friends run out of time, how to exchange the horse?

Please log in to account management page, and select the WoW account to send invitations, and then click the "resurrection scroll" option in the "friends to invite and reward. Please select the server and the role you want to receive the horse, so the horse will be sent to the mailbox in the game.

Note: After the success of each resurrection scroll invitation, only one role exchange horse can be chosen to exchange.

What’s the reward you can get after accepting the resurrection scroll invitation?

Resurrection scroll invitees can immediately upgrade of a character to 80, and one free transfer service to transfer camp, and 7 days 1800 minutes free game time!

Note: The role of upgrade incentive is limited to the resurrection scroll on-line promotional activities. During the activities are going on, please refer to the official website message deadline. If the players accept the resurrection scroll invitation after the promotional activities, they will be given seven days of 1800 minutes of free play time, and they will receive one free transfer service to transfer camp, but they have not the role of an upgrade award. It is a big surprise to fans of WoW.

What can be accepted as the resurrection invited successfully?  I'm afraid to lose the chance to log in the game.

You need to confirm in to accept the invitation, and you should wait until the page prompt "successfully, and you have to return to Azeroth and begin immediately to receive the following award in the e-mail. Good luck to WoW fans.

What’s the restriction for free turn camp serve? Or can I go to any server or I want to go camp? Can I turn these roles under other account?

To serve the camp conversion is not arbitrary. If the invitees selected to upgrade the role and send an invitation in a different server or camp, the invitee role will be able to convert the free role transfer and / or free camp moved to the inviter's server and camp. The free service is limited to the role to serve the + camp conversion, and this can’t be separated.

Note: The resurrection scroll system still need to comply with existing camp conversion and server transfer limits. The more detailed information about the camp conversion and the role of server transfer, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Can Resurrection scrolls and Recruit are going on meanwhile?

Yes, they can. If the recruited account roles were raised to 80, these roles can have 39 times to level-up with the recruited account.

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