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Trials of the Isle problem

KadacusKadacus Member Posts: 4

when i put in key it says session has timed out, whats wrong? Thus i can't suscribe.


  • jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,718

    i dunno, maybe you type to slow or something. maybe try looking at thier website...

  • AmatayAmatay Member Posts: 170

    Originally posted by jayheld90

    i dunno, maybe you type to slow or something.



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  • Larry2298Larry2298 Member Posts: 865

    You may order EQ2 keyboard from SOE to play well. Just a thought.


  • SpeedMannSpeedMann Member UncommonPosts: 333

    I tried the trial for about 40 mins or so at night but i needed to get to bed. In the morning i went to try it again, it downloaded the updates but when it tried to log into the server it said my client doesn't match the server and wouldn't let me connect. Tried it a few more times and it didn't work. So i guess i have more free space on my hard drive now. Well back to playing that other mmorpg :).

    Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

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