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AtaakaAtaaka Member UncommonPosts: 212

It's time that you get an honest view of how to start enjoying your RPG. MMORPG is not paying me anything to say, this website is a great source of RPG information. While it's not elitist or super-nerdy, it provides the average person of reasonable intelligence a resource that is barely matched anywhere else.

I comprised a list that a new RPG'er might find useful. I plan to explain how you the gamer should view and feel toward certain aspects. While it is not the only way, you should find yourself wanting to go and try what I plan to give.

First, roleplaying alone is not very fun. It can be done, but 9/10ths of today's rpgs are meant for two or more people. 

*you can enter any rpg (including wow) and spend days, weeks, or even months traversing the content)

Second, choose a game that you and your friends can join together and play together regardless of how popular it might be or how many other people are playing it.

*two people can create an empire underneath the hype and rat race of those around them.

Third, be consistent. Learn the game, build a road that others might be able to follow.

*Spamming guild invites is a negative. papare-build your empire before you recruit. If you build your paper kingdom on paper, other's like you will come. 

Roleplaying is fascinating. You can seek or build your own theme guild and playtime. When you walk about public places, and some sugar-hyped kid rushes up to you and asks for gold, you lay down your role upon them (a salty old man, for instance) and sit back to watch the response.

One of the best games to build your role is vanilla WoW (No I'm not a WoW Fan-don't even play the game) . WoW has everything you need to roleplay. You can spend months in outer villages and side-towns and never see the madness. You must maintain your role and path. Eventually, you will need others but nothing should sway you and your rp family of freinds.

Roleplaying is not easy, but it is certainly a lot of fun. Last time I checked, games were meant to be fun.

So put your blinders on and ignore general chat (turn it off if you can). Some of my best friends were met in a dark cave on an obscure quest. My old guild (WoW), four people started the guild years ago. We are up to 30 now! We have vent and all the other guild stuff, but more important, we have each other and we all agree to agree.

While I don't RP in WoW anymore, I pop on vent just to listen to them kill a boss or achieve WOTLK. RP isn't just 'how art thou today lad?' It's a strong reationship between you, the game, and those you share it with.

Have fun dammit!!!






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