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Looking for a certain type of game

Tun3sFreakTun3sFreak Member Posts: 2

I'm seriously bored out of my mind with most mmorpgs anymore.

I'm almost 21yrs old (if the age helps), I'm currently using a desktop computer with a wifi USB and the internet isn't the absolute best. I need an entertaining game that shouldn't lag too bad to the point of me not wanting to bother with it. I mean the game REALLY has to be entertaining. Can you guys help me out? It doesn't even have to be a MMORPG it can just be some sort of MMO or anything. Lol


  • omega78omega78 Member UncommonPosts: 260

    Hm... There is always Final Fantasy XI, it has a more mature taste to it, albeit the leveling has kind of been ruined but it still keeps a lot of the feel it had during the Pre-Abyssea endgame in the current end game. Plently of classes to choose, :P in my opinion it is/was the best FF title around. The game shouldn't be too hard to slink into now with abyssea and what not, money won't really be a problem after you get your first job to 75... Give it a go if you don't mind buying the game, its like...10 bucks on steam and then you'll get a free month of play after that.

    Grand Chase/Elsword are fun games to play, although in Elsword you may lag a bit... They are 2d beatemups. Grandchase has a far more exstensive cast of characters, they just added a new one also, don't even need to do a quest to get her.

    La Tale- Another 2d game, a lot of classes, the grind isn't too bad and the community is really nice. A fun game to play casually , if you play hardcore :p you can hit 3rd job/sub job in less than two weeks...but that is either REALLY hardcore or you already have funding from another character to buy XP booster. The Cash Shop sells some smaller XP boosters for low lever characters, and some other things like gacha, people usually sell the big XP booster from them for a fair price, most unbalanced it gets into would probably have to be the Functional Fashion, sets that change the looks of your armor and give some powerful stat boosts, but the boosts aren't as much the higher you go.

    Dungeon Fighter Online is also good, I don't think you will lag normally, only in pvp, there is a nice cast of characters to choose from, and the game is reminiscent of the old arcade games in pizza places and what not.

    Ragnarok Online- I'm sure you've heard of/played this before. 2.5d game, very long history, still very popular. A lot of classes, I think I counted somewhere between 25-31, the grind isn't too bad and the game has that classic feel, it is one of the few that aged beautifully, it is now f2p and what not, so nothin to lose with this one.

    Trickster Online- If you didn't like RO for whatever reason, but still want the feel of it, try Trickster, it is also a 2.5d game, but it is a lot more casual than RO, the characters are styled cutely, and the game itself has a brighter tone to it...but that didn't stop me from liking it, a lot. I suggest you give it a try.

    You're probably wondering why I suggested mostly 2/2.5d games, well... I have a similar internet connection, and I lag in some certain games, so I figured start small I guess? If you don't like these games, I do know some more, just tell me how you lag in them and what not.

    I hope I was able to help, I wish you luck in your endeavors.

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