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Wurm online, Very fun sandbox game.

fatboy21007fatboy21007 Member Posts: 409

What can I do in Wurm?

  • Explore huge, diverse landmasses extending over 512sq km in total

  • Make your home on either the PvP or PvE server

  • Craft and use thousands of unique items

  • Wage war on other kingdoms, and lead yours to victory

  • Hunt creatures such as the unique red dragon, forest giant, kyklops, troll king and others!

  • Discover and fight over religious artifacts on the PvP server

  • Modify the terrain; dig, raise, flatten and sculpt the land around you!

  • Capture and breed animals from the environment

  • Train 114 Skills, 10 Player Characteristics, and 3 Religion Characteristics

  • Follow one of four unique deities and religions.

  • Become a priest or champion of your religion and learn powerful spells and enchantments.

  • Choose one of five meditation paths and take advantage of special meditation abilities

  • Earn as many of our 200+ skill and achievement titles as you have time for!

  • Mount various creatures, from horses and carts to unicorns, bears and even dragons!

  • Construct, crew or even captain seven different ship types, from small rowing boats to impressive caravels with other players

  • Build a variety of structures, from guard towers to stone houses to fences and statues.

  • Found your own settlement wherever you desire; own land, build a farm, a castle, or perhaps an entire village!

  • Pave roads and plant signs to improve local infrastructure and by connecting settlements

  • Live off the land by creating fields to farm a variety of crops including potatoes, garlic, cotton, wheat, pumpkins and more!

  • Cook food using a huge range of ingredients

  • ...and much more!

Now, this game is F2p and has premuim options, as f2p you can build anywhere ingame and are caped at lvl 20 in skills. You can do anything ya please. However to own land and prevent others taking it over, ya must deed the land. Now premuim is 10 euros (13.50 usd) covers 2 months. Ingame currency is silvers ya buy with 10 euros. a deed form costs 10 silvers + theirs a monthly upkeep (usually average is 1-10 bucks a month) and costs silvers to upgrade to expand the land you intend to claim.

Now this game very very fun. Graphics arent great, but arent the worst. Animations arent really their yet, but their are reworking their engine, adding much needed animations and new graphics to the game. Compaired to all games (sandbox) i've played i am going to go ahead and rate this game at a 9/10. Sure animations and graphics could be a draw back, but gameplay and game mechanices make up for this.

Been playing this game for almost a month now, Its very user friendly and easy to learn. The community is the nicest folks youll ever find. Their is alot of servers also, PVE and PVP , you can sail on a boat to the other pve servers or take a portal on over to the pvp server. Now i dont know much bout wurm pvp, besides you can seige their homes, FFA loot system, theirs mission systems (for religions) and alot tougher Mobs that spawn withem. Once you kill off a deeds guards you can i beleave drain their upkeep into your own (to a certain extent)

For pve, their is 0 pvp, sure u can duel and spar, however these servers are the most populated and is mainly for building, exploring,trades and ofc hunting animals. patchs to this game have been pretty regular also , so far in the 25 days ive been their, ive seen about 10-15 patchs added to the game, sure they had a few issues, but the devs quickly fixed them up. I noticed the devs do listen to the community but as all inde games, they are a small dev team the employs the power of the community ( volunteer devs and a few paid) to helpem out.

This is a very fun game and is a true sandboc to me, You are not limited, you can do any skill, and build anything. Theirs alot of hidden skills ingame ya must unlock and perks to doing certain things. I love this game , even after almost a month in, i still got over a years worth of stuff planned to do. Kuddos to these devs and their vision, first game i ever encountered with seems like never ending content to keep any1 occupeid. <--- to download and sign up for the game <---- has ALL the info youll ever need also ingame CA Help can answer any questions ya may have along with the kingdom chat. <-------Server Travel Map

Current servers--

PVE----- Independance-Dilverance-Exdus--- (chaos server is mostly pve but has sum pvp elements).

PVP----- (epic servers)---Desertion-Elevation (premuim only)--affliction---serenity.

Pve servers are called freedom isles and Pvp are reffered to as Epic.

Begining the game youll notice their is a Tutorial, This land is called Golden Valley and teachs you game mechanics and lets you choose what type of server you wish to live on. <--- very helpful for the new beginer. <--- Info about premuim. <---- village recruitment thread for all those new folks that need a home!.

Hope this info is helpful to you all. The game isnt for everyone, But is alot of fun. Just gotta overlook the animations. (it is a 2d game with 3d elements, even though it will feel like its fully 3d, it is also ran under java). Enjoy folks, my take on it :-)


  • Saxx0nSaxx0n PR/Brand Manager BitBox Ltd.Member UncommonPosts: 999

    As soon as the graphics move past a 1991 pc game count me in.

  • XarkoXarko Member EpicPosts: 1,177

    Its more like 1999-2000

  • daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357

    it's not really about the graphics.  This is the type of game you play because it's awesome, and not because of how it looks.  Think back to all the old games you played and loved.  That said, I'm not going on a full recruiting campaign until it's fleshed out some more :)

  • yafesyafes Member Posts: 11

    For those who enjoys how awesome you look, how cool your gear is and that usual stuff, the game is not for you. Not until we have animation engine implemented. How ever if you want to explore beautiful landscape max your graphic settings and you will have wallpaper worth scenery all over the world. You can enjoy yourself with the things you have designed and built. You can enjoy indepth crafting system which is literaly an addiction. You can spend time with one of the nicest communities out there. You can live in deep caverns which yourself made or can build massive forts for your protection. All these are yours to design, not in any predetermined shape. Comparing with the other games in the market right now, wurm is the game which gives the most power to you imagination.

  • Saxx0nSaxx0n PR/Brand Manager BitBox Ltd.Member UncommonPosts: 999

    I have played many many hours and have had a paid account at one time. I helped build Eden on the Wild server. Im not paying 10.00 to 20.00 a month to keep a deed funded for a pathetic combat model and graphics from the early 90s.


    When Rolf treats this as more than a hobby and seeing what he can milk off of free intern programmers and graphics artists and invests in a decent dev team then it will move beyond software developed in someone's garage and into a nice title. When that happens it will earn my money. 

  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    Graphics are dated yes but "early 90s" is a bit overboard. I would put in more on the graphical level of Morrowind or better.


    My apparently much more modest deed costs me closer to 1.00-2.00 a month (which I actually fund by money I earn ingame) but I assume your deed on Wild was a very large village for a large number of players, and included paying for a small army of NPC guards for the pvp aspect. Many veteran players actually play the game entirely based on money they earn ingame through the player economy, which allows them to fund both the low monthly sub (about $6.50/mo USD) plus deed upkeep from ingame earnings alone.   Pretty hard to pay for a fullscale dev team when players can play this game for almost nothing.


    Combat is admittedly a weak point. If you are primarily a combat or pvp oriented player, there are tons of better games on the market than this one. I am more into the crafting/survival/trading  aspect, and for me as a non-PvP player there is nothing else on the market even close to Wurm.


    Some of the changes just in the past year have been very exciting, and with character customization, visible armor, multistory buildings and bridges, and even more graphics overhaul in the works this coming year, I happen to think this is an excellent game for those who fall into its niche market, which anyone in the game will tell you is not for everyone. Its a complex and slow paced game with more emphasis on immersion than adreneline/excitement, which suits me fine as most modern games focus entirely too much on combat, flashy graphics, fast levelling and "epic" grand fantasy for my own tastes.


    EDITED to add some fullsized (2560x1600) pictures I took ingame on my computer on higher settings, admittedly the character models are very weak as the new ones are still being developed, but other than that, does this REALLY look like graphics from the early 90s like Betrayal at Krondar or Final Fantasy IV?



    This is not being marketed as a "graphically superior eye candy game" by any means but personally, for a tiny indy company, they look darn sweet to me and certianly within my own modest comfort range ^_^  If you have a laptop with integrated graphis and need to use low settings, however, obviously your mileage will vary.


    Also, from the art team, the next upcoming update:


    Other recent art changes already ingame:



    Looks a lot nicer than the MMOs I used to play in the 90s ^_^ thinking of Asheron's Call etc.


    This is actually the first game SINCE Asheron's Call & Morrowind, that I have become so personally addicted to.


    Anyway, no one ever agrees on games ^_^ but for me, this is far and above any of the current big budget triple-AAA titles.



  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    sorry, quoted/replied  when I meant to edit

  • daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357

    I've played all the most recent games and I got to say... give me gameplay, I'll take shitty animations/graphics any day.  For example, I still play Dwarf Fortress... amazing game.  I played SWTOR to lvl 50 and quit because it was just so bad I had to drag myself through the levels in pain with my friends.  This game?  SUPER FUN.  Enough said :)

  • BeansnBreadBeansnBread Member EpicPosts: 7,254

    But does it cut a tin can in half? What about a leather shoe? After doing these things, can you still cut a tomato?

  • DecadentiaDecadentia Member Posts: 464

    I've tried reading different information on this game, and I still really don't understand what a person would do in-game.

    So you farm, and build a farmhouse and then other farmers can admire your farmhouse? I'm honestly curious, I mean no offense. This is all a bit alien to me.

  • daveospicedaveospice Member UncommonPosts: 357

    If you look at it on the surface, that you're suppose to "build a house and a farm".  This game will become super boring, fast.

    You're probably trying to play it solo if this is the case.

    Right now 13 of us started a city, and we don't even have personalized houses.  We have a community center and a Hearth, everyone gets a bed and a chest with their name on it, otherwise we all share everything created.


    In this way you can do a LOT more creative stuff.  We are basically scultping the landscape into a terraced city.   Large walls will circle it, and vast, decorated land inside.  Why?  We want to make a masterpiece.  Then conquer the rest of the known land in Wurm.  We're on a PVP server called affliction, if you want to check us out just ask for a WINTERFEL member in HOTS chat.


    Ultimately this game gives you tools to play with, whether you want to build a dinky house and a farm that's up to you. If you want to build a huge collossus and an ornate fountain, along with a fleet of ships to conquer the known land in a few days instead of months...  join up with us, then you might enjoy it :)

  • zzCatzzCat Member Posts: 7

    It is a game for people who like to make things, whereas most games are for people who like to destroy things that other people have made.

  • CrashrollCrashroll Member UncommonPosts: 60

    I really love the idea of this game. Unfortunately my i5 cpu can't run it properly, it's really slow no matter how I turn my graphic options...I tried it on another computer once (amd) and it ran perfectly and looked nice enough. Is there anything I could do to make it run better on my own computer? I did read the forums, and it seems to be a known issue, but couldn't find a solution.

    Not tonight dear...I have a haddock!

  • brash99brash99 Member UncommonPosts: 94

    Originally posted by Crashroll

    I really love the idea of this game. Unfortunately my i5 cpu can't run it properly, it's really slow no matter how I turn my graphic options...I tried it on another computer once (amd) and it ran perfectly and looked nice enough. Is there anything I could do to make it run better on my own computer? I did read the forums, and it seems to be a known issue, but couldn't find a solution.

    i5 cpu should not have any issue, my guess is this is either a laptop or an "off the shelf" chainbrand like HP with integrated graphics, and no mater how much you turn down the visual settings, its simply not going to run the game well.  The other computer that ran it fine was maybe a desktop computer? Even an older desktop with a slower cpu but better video can sometimes run games much better than a notebook that is not specifically designed for gaming.

    Can you post a bit more about your system beyond the CPU as that does not sound like the problem here. Especially what the exact model of the videocard is (ie, not just "gefore" because there is a huge huge difference between a geforce 6150 and a geforce 6800, even though both are from the same older series. One runs games, one runs school & office software.

    Also if this is a Mac, I think I do recall some issues that occurred with NEWER versions of the OS not supporting the right OpenGL features, while older versions of the OS ran it fine -- but again not directly related to the CPU itself.


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