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Can Anyone Register?

mlauzonmlauzon Member UncommonPosts: 767

I keep gettingthe following error when trying to register my email address:

1. That username contains illegal characters.

I've tried in IE9, CoolNovo (a Chromium-based browser), and Waterfox (a Firefox-based browser), and I get the same error in all 3. Anyone have any ideas?



  • drsinisterdrsinister Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Same here I am having probs registering.  I get the same error even though I am using my email.  If you take out the @ and ., it then says use a valid email.

  • AlyxianAlyxian Member Posts: 2

    I tried with, it said "1. That username contains illegal characters.". but with it went through. ( is just an alias to

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