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Why exactly did i leave this game?



  • jtcgsjtcgs Member Posts: 1,777
    Originally posted by Lord.Bachus

    And about the looks, noboddy looks alike while leveling, i am very much surprised that no other MMO yet has copied the DCUo style system

     Actually City of heroes and Champions Online are where DCU got most of their ideas from when it comes down to looks and such.

    But yeah, I agree with you about much of what you said however the game does get very repetitive. I also dont like that they copied the other hero games when it came down to "class" designs...I would have thought a game where you can make a superhero would be more open ended when it comes to power combos.

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  • steelfinsteelfin Member UncommonPosts: 121
    Originally posted by ktanner3
    Originally posted by Cawickeng

    So anyway main thing about this game is that it is pure action and not really a 'true MMO', that is, it does not give the player the opportunity to experience their avatar live a fantasy life.  I mean there aren't even any trees ffs!  It's all city buildings.

    To be fair, that is staying consistent with the IP. Most superhero stories take place in the city, not in the forest.

    Yeah but that's the problem, at least for me.  The devs need to stop copying what everyone else is doing, and start having their own ideas.  The combat and customisation are what this game does well, but that's it.  Every MMO I've seen does well at one thing (most don't even have that one thing) but fail at everything else.  

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