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Throw aside your assumptions.

JimmydeanJimmydean Member UncommonPosts: 1,283

I'll be the first to admit, I thought TERA was going to be a horrible game.  You have to AIM to target? Terrible!  Asian artstyle? Terrible!

I was wrong. Man was I wrong.  I got into the first CBT and played to about level 7. I still thought the game was absolute crap. I had very few abilities, and was on a linear quest path. I went into CBT 2 not thinking much, and figuring I'd still hate the game.

I have now pre-ordered the digital CE, and have no regrets. During CBT2, I tried out a few more classes. I leveled a Lancer to the high 20s levels, and a few others beyond the Island of Dawn. This game now has me by the balls, and I find myself watching videos waiting for the next CBT.

I hit 20 on my Lancer and immediately got into a Secret Base dungeon group. This place was a lot of fun, and it was interesting learning how to tank again with a completely different combat system. This combat is excellent, and really sets TERA apart from other games.

Next I did a BAM group, Killed some Huge Basilisk monsters, and had my first taste of actual World PVP. My guild was in a GVG battle and all of the sudden I saw a ton of Reds coming my way. I didn't even know my guild was in the area near me at the time, but instantly I was in the middle of a huge PVP battle with my guild and our enemies. So much fun!!!


I still haven't experienced everything TERA has to offer, but I've experienced enough to know that I want to level nearly all classes to max, PVP on them, and see the world of TERA!!


  • rexzshadowrexzshadow Member Posts: 1,428

    Welcome to the dar..... i mean Tera side.... We have milk and cookies....and some very evil brownies >=D

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