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How To Redeem CBT activation code


To redeem your activation code you must first register an account;

{ck1.       Go to

{ck2.       Click “Registration”

{c33.       Follow the registration instructions

{ck4.       Return to


*Please note that beta access will be automatically granted March 19th,2012. 




  • wizardelowizardelo Member Posts: 6

    clicking registration sends me back to no instructions nothing:)

  • Jack_KunlunJack_Kunlun Member Posts: 3

    Hi, you are getting directed to that you are already a registered user and have an account. Therefore you do not need to register  to redeem your activation code. Thanks. Jack

  • wizardelowizardelo Member Posts: 6

    ok then, how do i redeam my code? :)

  • Jack_KunlunJack_Kunlun Member Posts: 3

    The code is redeemable in game when the CB launches on March 19th,2012. Hope this clears things up. Jack

  • wizardelowizardelo Member Posts: 6

    lets hope so:) i will try redeeming code on 19th :)

  • MysteryLadyMysteryLady Member UncommonPosts: 1

    Where can i download the game?

    Have someone a link?

    Or does the download not exist yet?

  • GiluvasGiluvas Member Posts: 6

    When I try to register (create a user ID and password), a messagebox says:

    1. That username contains illegal characters.

    All I am doing is typing in my email address as it requested, for user name.

  • CicceroCiccero Member UncommonPosts: 143

    Free for all PVP with a huge Asian base. No thanks

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