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Good montage of videos showcasing Realms/Regnum Online

ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

this is a good collection of videos showcasing what gameplay in RO feels like.

credit to Leolita

" War is the only word, who can describe this:

- Realms Online before Warmaster

(i especially like this video, but the forts graphics have been upgraded since then)


- This is WAR! - Trailer

- This is War !


Montages - the best editing i had ever done:

- Realms Online Possibilities? my first HD Montage

- Realms Online Bad Taste! 2.0 Montage


Or, do you like some gameplay ?  

- Realms Online - Time to play the GAME - Gameplay

- Realms Online War Conjurer-power

- Realms Online Conjurer Gameplay


Hm... the most interesting sublcass for me is hunter.. so here it is:

- Realms Online Hunter gameplay by Alsius Heiler "



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