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Verge Interview: On F2P vs. Pay to Win, Veteran vs. Noob, Their Reasoning about Presistance in Plan

BeanpuieBeanpuie Member UncommonPosts: 812


Keypoints:   Free 2 Play  vs. Pay 2 Win

Items that are cosemtic with side grades, Xp boosters for cash shops.  any items that are power items (items that kill) will not be on cash shop but in the resource category (ingame currency)


Side grades will involve the philosophy of trade off rules such as making your tank faster with the sacrifice of armor for example. or a assault rifle that fires more bullets with the sacrifice of stopping power.




C4 (or boomers)  will be abl to be planted on Max units.  so a cloaker can sneak on a max and "booby trap them",   heaven forbid if it comes with a trigger and is placeable (will personally put C4 under Absent minded MAXes  armpits if possible.)


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