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Free 10 Day Premium and ACT44 Golden Marksman for APB Reloaded

MMOMAN12MMOMAN12 Member Posts: 2

Hey Gamers,

I discovered some Nice Free stuff for all new players for APB Reloaded / Gamersfirst; get 10 Day Premium and ACT44 Golden Marksman completely free, without any hacks or cheats!



It is easy to get via gaming site GameCoach:

You can get these goodies permanently via GameCoach, unlike the earlier Steam promotion and other temporary stuff...:)


VIDEO: Also you can checkout their youtube video on these goodies and how to get it:


Also some other nice games with free stuff on their homepage , all free-2-play :

> Warrock  - they give a free M4 Spectre for 30 days and 20% exp / 5% speed for new gamers (I posted a thread on this on as well, good fun!)

> Fallen Earth - get a Free Scoped Coach Camo Rifle  

> Sword 2 - they give away 3 UPC (unique playing characters - level 16) cardS


Njoy and share your tips and experiences here:) 



  • User0192User0192 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    I registered a new account with that link and i did not get any codes. I sent them an email, hopefully they will get back to me sometime soon

  • User0192User0192 Member UncommonPosts: 6

    Well they never replied to me and i sent them 2 messages, dont bother signing up through this

  • HolidaythenubHolidaythenub Member Posts: 1
    I already made an account for APB and its on steam and I can't get a code by logging in to my account
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