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rogabrrogabr Member Posts: 125

Hey, wanting a game to play with the missus, she likes games like crystal saga and conquer online, not too many skills and it has to be point and click, preferbly with a auto move system for quests and it cant be turn based, the big ones are no turn based and point and click (No WSAD) any help would be appreicated, ill be checking back on this thread regularly.



  • GhabboGhabbo Member UncommonPosts: 263

    I haven't  tried it yet, bur Drakensang Online ( looks really good for a browser mmo (Diablo style):




  • drbaltazardrbaltazar Member UncommonPosts: 7,856

    run window in classic view and go play runescape(java)most popular browser game out there period!dont ask me why tho!

  • rogabrrogabr Member Posts: 125

    ive read about drakensang and its a insanely heavy cash shop game, and she isnt into runescape very much as shes already played it quite a bit thanks for the input though

  • KhaerosKhaeros Member Posts: 452

    Drakensang is a heavy cash shop game if you use any of the skills besides the 'standard' ones, which is very annoying.  I stopped playing quick after I caught on to how the skills worked.


    DarkOrbit is a pretty popular browser game.  It's another Bigpoint game, but there are still ways to get the cash items for in-game credits.  It will just take a whole lot of grinding.

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