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Game of Thrones MMORPG

AermordAermord Member Posts: 17

It's true. Winter is comming.

They are making a Game of Thrones MMORPG, 'they' being BigPoint (Battlestar Galactica Online, Lord of Ultima) and HBO. Closed beta is expected to begin fall this year.

First look and screenshots at venturebeat.

Personally I am not sure I am too fond of this. Game of Thrones is really not that much about fighting with swords, which is what just about every watered-down fantasy themed MMORPG out there can do these days - It's much more about fighting with your mind and play the game of politics (thrones). They -do- promise politics will be involved. But with the crappy MMORPGs on the market today, catering to the 14 year old (and to everyone else for that matter who grew up thinking world of warcraft is a real game) I reserve my rights to be sceptical.


  • MehveMehve Member Posts: 487

    Well, if there was ever a universe that invited permadeath, this would probably be it.

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  • xenptxenpt Member Posts: 430

    with GUILDWARS2 ARCHEAGE AND DIABLO 3 there will be no time to play this :X


  • HeroEvermoreHeroEvermore Member Posts: 672

    I think they should have waited for the show to finish up then work on it when people were missing game of thrones. I read the books. The show is great as well. Even being a huge fan of this story i do not see myself being interested in this game.

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  • Larry145Larry145 Member Posts: 8

    That matter who grew up thinking world of warcraft.

  • barbarian567barbarian567 Member Posts: 6

    I also think they should've waited a bit longer but unfortunately that's not how it works these days. They count the success and the name recognition from the TV will be enough for people buying the game and them making the extra buck.

  • FadedbombFadedbomb Member Posts: 2,081

    This is REALLY REALLY REALLy old news. Literally was known about since before that article was written (around Jan?).


    No one cares as it's BigPoint developing it, and they made a HOT STEAMING MESS of BSG-Online. Not a single person I know gives two damns about this. It's just another less-than-mediocre company SOMEHOW getting their hands on a valid IP.


    Seriously, what was HBO thinking?

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  • vilkonvilkon Member Posts: 14

    This makes me very sad, the potential for something like this done right is huge, and I can just see this turning into one bigpoo. Companies should be bidding to have this game made right..

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