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My Crappy Review: SWTOR



  • NorseGodNorseGod Member EpicPosts: 2,636

    Originally posted by remyburke

    Originally posted by NorseGod

    Originally posted by remyburke


    Dude, your avatar. Is that Jake from that one game from back in the day?

    Hahaha...I'm not even sure anymore. I stole it off a comic on this site about 7 years ago because a few of my friends said it looked like me and I've never taken it off. :)

    PM'd you the link to the game. ***not safe for work.

    To talk about games without the censorship, check out
  • mbrodiembrodie Member RarePosts: 1,501

    Originally posted by Meerkat93

    Originally posted by Aerowyn

    it doesn't take 300 hours to level one char to 50 and do every operation/flaspoint and do some warzones on top of doing every single quest including side quests and throw in some crafting here and there.. 600 hours not even close, and that wouldn't even be unique since other faction plays same warzones and does same crafting and shares a couple later flashpoints/operations...

    It takes any where from 125-200 hours to level up in TOR. Because their are eight classes in the game and roughly 20% of that content is unique to said class thats anywhere from 50ish-200 hours of unique class content. Add that to the 100% uniqueness of leveling up once in the Empire and Republic.


    This also being a bioware game playing both good and evil should mix things up.


    As I said before in terms of simply leveling up this game offer a good deal. 

    i got my guardian to 50 in 5 days 9 hours played.. thats less then 125 hours :P now secondly... republic and empire are no different, same quests different skin - basically all that really changes is the order in the planets... i leveled my main a guardian to 50 and then a bounty hunter to 38 before i felt sick doing the same content over with different colored banners.. the personal story doesnt make up for the rest of the game being completely linear 

  • IsawaIsawa Member UncommonPosts: 1,051

    Originally posted by I_Return

    Good review even though I disagree with every part of it.

    I'm going to take this as you believing all of the beards are freaking awesome and you wish you could sport each and every one of them yourself.

    Good write up, could read some more of these  to see how you feel about other games.





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