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I've been playing this game for about a month now. I have bought Reals using SMS, CC, and Amazon payments and haven't had a single issue. My gaming experience has been a pleasant one. Although the fights seem off-kilter (lvl 3's being as strong as you with no armor, i'm lvl 20), it is fun to get into.

The graphics are 7/10 only because its a flash based program. 0/10 audio as it has none. The gameplay is pretty simple to get into, and although there doesn't seem to be any real storyline to follow, its interesting just the same.

The moderators do seem to ban and silence quite frequently, but it is regulated. I've watched the people getting punished and they are people violating the chat rules.

It's a turn based RPG type with action-adventure elements. You spend most of the time grinding for things with very low drop rates, and killing mobs over and over again. The game does have some PvP, in arena type battles and 1v1 using an item.


Overall I give the game a 6.5/10.

Upside: Gameplay is fun after you get used to it, new updates are added frequently, you can get a Dragon ally,  and most of the     players are friendly.

Downside: No sound, regulated chat, a lot of the great items require real money to purchase, and no character customization.

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