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What really killed this game



  • ktanner3ktanner3 Member UncommonPosts: 4,061

    Originally posted by Darkcrystal

    Originally posted by Anubisan

    Let me just go ahead and /thread this for everyone.

    What really killed this game? NOTHING. It is still doing fine and tons of people are playing it. It will not die anytime soon no matter how much certain vocal people on these forums want it to.

    We get that you don't like the game, but that does not mean that it is dead. You cannot stop people from enjoying the game just because you personally are disappointed by it. I suggest that you all try to find some game that you actually DO enjoy rather than waste any more of your time on this forum. Oh, that's right... there aren't any games you actually like. That must really suck.

    Didn't you know, this forum is for people to whine about every single game, every game I see people cry about the new game they bought and hated, i'm in school for game design and I can tell you this, I would not make an MMO to save my life, because gamers cry way to much about the dumbest things and whine just whine, there is way more money in smaller Iphone games, and alot less whining, I see why all of the new people going to school for game design hate MMo,s because of the people..



    They whine and whine about everything...

    No kidding. Being an MMO developer has got to be the most thankless job there is because your audience consists of so many people who never grew up and want everything right now. They're never satisfied with anything because there is only so much resources that can be used to create a game and not everything can be included. Even though there is DOZENS of MMORPGS available with many more along the way, including some that are NOTHING like TOR, they are still never satisfied. I guarentee you the people here fawning all over GW2, Tera, and some the other new releases will be all over those boards trashing those games even after NDA breaks or after release.  

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  • iceman00iceman00 Member Posts: 1,363

    Originally posted by Creslin321

    Originally posted by daveospice

    I actually don't want to play hellgate london.  The new version is an abomination, and doesn't have hardcore mode.

    I believed the hype because it was Bioware... Bioware has NEVER done me wrong.  Okay, Mass Effect 2 was meh... but never before that!

    It's like a girl who promised me sex, who had always delivered on past promises...  She still had sex with me, but this time she had gained a lot of weight and she had an std. 

     One thing that is important to realize is that this game was NOT made by the same people who made NWN, Jade Empire, Dragon Age, BG, KOTOR....

    It was made by Bioware AUSTIN, a new Texas studio founded solely to create SWTOR.  The main Bioware office is in Canada, so it's likely that most people at the Austin office are not from the Canada office because of the distance.

    And now it's even worse.  There are EIGHT separate "Bioware" studios in EA now.  Many of them just "rebranded" versions of EA's other crappy studios.

    To me, the REAL Bioware is in Edmonton, Canada.  Everything else is just some other studio that has been branded with the Bioware name.  I will no longer trust a game with the "Bioware" name on it to actually be made by the development studio I know and love because of EA's deceptive branding shenanigans.  And it actually pisses me off.

    That is the thing that concerns me most.  EA is basically just wanting to take the Bioware brand name.  Now hey, I don't blame BW for what they did.  All of those individuals are very wealthy men now, and their grandchildren yet unborn are secure.  They twice rebooted the RPG genre on the PC. 

    It was obvious for example that DA2, while saying "Bioware", it wasn't the same people down the line who made the first DA or any of the previous Bioware games.  It is also why for Dragon Age 3, they are returning (or so they claim) to their more classical style of combat.  We will see if EA lets them.

  • iceman00iceman00 Member Posts: 1,363

    Originally posted by Superduper69



    Sales have been in toilet for SWTOR? what?

    I think he means based on what EA was expecting.  You don't have 120 servers for this kind of population.  While they could technically limp along at 500k subscribers, they said it would be "nothing to write home about."  In other words, it really would be a failure, considering the 200 mill+ budget they had to work with on this.  A thriving game doesn't have a substantial very vocal minority calling for server mergers within the first 3 months.

    I still say it is pointless to really trend anything in the short term.  TOR is hitting an important benchmark soon, and a month after 1.2, we can then start to take an assesment if this game will rebound, or head to F2Pville.

  • iceman00iceman00 Member Posts: 1,363

    Originally posted by Superduper69

    Originally posted by MosesZD

    Originally posted by Superduper69


    Sales have been in toilet for SWTOR? what?


    Trend analysis.  


    Sold 1.75 million first two weeks.

    Sold 284 thousand in January.

    Sold  112 (approx, final numbers not adjusted) in February.


    Average weekly decline in sales is 31% in decline from the previous week (starting from week ending January 7th, it'd be far worse if I started from inception).   Example series to illustrate: 

    100K sales Week 1. 

    69K sales Week 2.  

    48k sales Week 3.

    33k sales Week 4.

    23k sales Week 5.




    In real-life the curve isn't as smooth.   T

    No single MMO stays consistent with sales after release. That is why the sales of MMOs are counted over years not days or weeks. Even WOW started growing well after period of 4 to 5 years. MMOS do not work like single player games which are sold on multiple platofrms. For a pc game SWTOR has sold damn well at release.

    Trend analysis ... *rolls eyes*

    Why does everyone act like WoW was a dead game at launch, then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, boom 12 million players!!!!!!

    WoW had a true juggernaut of a launch.  Within 6 months, they had something like 3 million playing (if basic memory doesn't fail me.)  That was insane at the time.  And they kept steadily growing.

  • iceman00iceman00 Member Posts: 1,363

    Originally posted by grimal

    Originally posted by ComfyChair

     WoW was so successful because it changed things up.


    This is so absurd I'm not sure how to even reply to this.  But I'll try....WHAT did WoW change at launch that was so different from  those preceeding it?  Other than gloss?  WHAT?

    Two things:


    1.)  Polish.  Nothing had the polish of World of Warcraft at the time, and nothing has even come close.

    2.)  An emphasis on being solo-friendly.  Before WoW, for better or worse, MMOs were not solo friendly.  WoW tapped this market which had yet to be tapped, and turned the MMO world into something casual players could do as well.

    I say this as someone who left WoW after 6 months past launch, then game back a little bit in 2007, but left again. 

    We also forget that they were one of the first MMOs to have a true blue mass marketing campaign.  And most of it they could do incredibly cheap by using their already massive customerbase on  At the time Blizzard made WoW, they were the undisputed heavyweight champs of PC gaming.  They had made the original Warcraft series, Starcarft, and the two Diablos.  And they knew how to use their muscle.

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